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Open Arms Ministry

31, Lodge Street • Accrington, Lancashire BB5 6EQ • United Kingdom • 07473 437164

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Help,Hope,Healing and Deliverance

Why “open arms”?

This ministry is truly open and accessible to anyone and everyone. All are welcome with open arms. 

If you think of the Lord on the Cross and remember all the pain and suffering he went through to cleans us of our Sins, you will see that, through it all, His arms were open. He didn’t have a list, He didn’t say “ I am only here for certain people and not for others”. He was there for everyone. All are saved, all are welcome in the Spirit of the Living Christ. It is in that Spirit that the Open Arms Ministry welcomes anyone and everyone into the loving embrace of the Lord.

A Church built of Living Stones

When Christ was borne, the Almighty became our Saviour as well as our Creator. He chose to experience the human condition first hand. He did not ask us to sacrifice to Him. Instead, He sacrificed himself for us! This is a Love of such intense strength and power that we cannot ever hope to understand it, we must simply learn to accept it as the greatest and most special gift ever, and to constantly remember and give thanks for it, helping to spread this fantastic good news to all.

We are all the children of God, and beloved in his eyes. But children need to grow up and learn some responsibility. A good parent doesn’t continue to do everything for their child as they grow and develop. Instead, they teach their children, gradually and over time, to accept responsibility for their actions and contribute to the welfare of the family and, later still, to the wider community at large. This, then is the path of the true Christian. To love care for and share with the family of God, and the community of the church.

The true church is not built with stone. It is built from true believers, the “living stones” of the “living God”. As Christians, it is we, ourselves who are the church, the body of Christ made manifest. A temple not built by any physical hand, but a spiritual church constructed by God the Father. Therefore, let us all join together in our efforts to build His church that He may dwell within.

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