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Tanzania Christians Mission

Box 3083 • Mbeya, Mbeya 255 • Tanzania • 754505972http://Box 3083

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Dear Brothers  and Sister in the Lord:

Welcome to unite as brothers and sisters to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matt. 28: 18-20). We have to preach the Gospel in which the Gospel is not yet come, and transplant those sections body of Christ, and the Church to involve to support volunteer missionaries to take the Gospel and teach the church to fulfill its obligations of  Jesus Christ. We need brothers and sisters who will be able to come visit and support the work of God to spread the Gospel, we need your  support to publish books, Bible Correspondence courses, brochures, and purchasing Bibles for students to use. We need your prayers and your support in the work of God we are doing. You  can visit  our website for more information:

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