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Emerging Inc.

3410 W 5th Street, Apt 214 • Los Angeles, CA 90020 • United States • 3052990633http://

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What Does Our Ministry Do?

Jose and Mary Alvarez have been in Christian ministry forty years.
We have been missionaries, prophets, pastors and Bible teachers used throughout the world.
Presently, we live in Los Angeles, and revivalists and fire starters ministering through the USA in meetings held in churches and homes.
We introduce people to the power of the Holy Spirit, activate them in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and train them in their ministries
God has not called one person to exclusively minister, but rather called the Body of Christ to do the work of the ministry. 
Our meetings are highlighted by different people given opportunity to use their spiritual gifts and minister with them
In 2017 Lord called us to re locate in Los Angeles, California, from Miami, Florida, and activate the Body of Christ here in their spiritual gifts.
We also offer extensive tutoring in New Testament Greek and provide consultation services on a host of church and ministry related issues.
Revival is coming California!
Contact us so that we can set up Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts meetings with you in the South California area.

Who We Are?

Jose and Mary Alvarez prayed for thousands globally in the power of the Holy Spirit. Their healing and prophetical ministry has touched countless. They have trained many small groups to minister in the Holy Spirit.
The name of their ministry is Emerging, Inc. It was established in 2004, with a board of nine people. Emerging, Inc. is a 501 C3 nonprofit corporation.

My wife Mary Alvarez and I have been in ministry for nearly forty years.
We lived among the Native American Pueblo and Navajo Nations of New Mexico, and then moved with our four children and two dogs to Kenya, Africa in 2006.
After establishing a successful ministry in Africa, the Lord called us as back to the United States with the words, "America needs you more than Africa!"
There, we were assistant pastor nearly six years and ministered much in New York
My book on Amazon is "The Trending Church: Jesus Goes Viral!"
Mary's book on Amazon is "From Nothing to Something!"

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