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Joshua House Ministries (Wash DC)

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Welcome to Joshua House Ministries Washington DC

Who is Jhouse we are Ministry dedicated to equipping children and young people for the work of ministry.

Our mission is to propel young people into their purpose which God has for them.

This is done in a number of ways so which include trainings, curriculum resources that can be used within ministries or at home with a group of children or 1 to 1. That's a present a Ministry is broadening we now have resources for adults as well. We have added this component to help them grow In In their spiritual walk while we help them train up their children.

Why, because we believe the whole family has a mandate to raise up the children or a godly way and in order to do that parents, ministries leaders and teachers must grow and learn too. Remember there are no big i's or little u's in the Kingdom. We are all growing in Christ together.

The resources offer include trainings/ workshops, books and other events they can also feel free to join our Flames of Fire email community to to stay in the know about what we're doing, what's coming up at any time!!

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