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Great Christian Hymns

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Welcome to Great Christian Hymns! Are you looking for hymn lyrics, would like to know the history of a hymn, or just searching for Christian music to use for a church event? Then you have come to the right place.

Here you will be able to find Christian song lyrics to your favorite hymns, download piano and guitar chords for Christian hymns, choose hymns to use for a wedding ceremony, hymns for adoption ceremony, baby baptism, funeral or memorial hymns, Easter hymns, and more.

Great Christian Hymns

This is a hymn resource site that will be extremely useful for Pastors, Church Workers, Sunday School Teachers and anyone serving in any ministry in the church.

It's also a site that will benefit any Christian who loves traditional hymns or likes to know more about the hymns and the hymn writers.

Over all, it's a site for anyone who sincerely likes to know who God is and how you can know Him and connect with Him.

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