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5 Loaves and 2 Fishes Sharing Ministry

No.221, Maha Ban Doo La Street, Bago, Town, Myanmar(Burma).Asia. • Bago, Bago • Burma • 95 -052-21782/see/charmin/CM10462

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Give all to man and Get more from God.

When the boy gave all of his 5loaves and 2fishes into Jesus' hands he got more than what he had.He got not only enough food but also happiness and praises by sharing what he had.You will never lost what you share with love and in the name of Jesue Christ.Now we are sharing what we have to the poor and needy arround us,arround our Church and arround our Town.We can extend our loves and cares if you join us by prayers and donations.

Pastor Shwe.

Loving is Giving.

Jesus love us and gave us His life.So we love Him too.Sharing and helping the poor and the needy is a prove that we love Him.If you really Love Jesus you must give or do something for Him.That is our Sharing Ministry. We have (1)Free health care and free education care.(2)Free distribution of gospel tracts, pemplets and gospel D.V.D ,V.C.D dises. We also held open Air preaching of gospel message occacationally.SO THE VISION IS GREAT AND BIG AND NEEDS HANDS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. WE NEED FINANCIAL ,MATERIAL ASSISTANCE TO ENHANCE THE PROJECT TO MOVE SMOOTHLY IN JESUS NAME. WE ARE CALLING ALL HANDS TO COME TO OUR AID IN JESUS NAME.

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