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Sharing and witness

Respected in the LORD,

We greet you in the precious name of our Almighty LORD and savior Jesus Christ. We are belonging to persecuted missionaries of KANDHAMAL, GAJAPATI Orissa, India. We are doing the ministry works among the Tribal, Downtrodden, Backward and illiterate people of KANDHAMAL, GAJAPATI, RAYAGADA and KORAPUT District in Orissa state, India. We are totally independence and having no any connection with any organizations, we have all total ~100' Independence Churches in our mission field and in each church there is more than ~30' believers' families. Because of our poverty line we do not have own Church buildings and our pastors and missionaries are ministering in every fields since last ~7~ years without any monthly supports from anywhere.

But unfortunately due to the PERSECUTIONS AND VIOLENCE IN ORISSA in the year of 2008 many of our pastors and missionaries has been lost their houses and all the belonging things and even many of our small cottage-churches has been destroyed by the anti Christ people. Now our pastors and missionaries are going through very deep problems due to lack of proper food, clothes and shelter. We request you please pray for us in your church service and also remember in your daily prayer.

Therefore, to be continuing in his vineyard and to develop our ministry works and to reach the un-reached area, we want to join in yours ministry organisation. So please pray for us and if possible please, first of all visit our Mission Fields and then after support us. We hope and believe that through yours ministry organization/church, every unsaved people in our un-reached area may come to the Lord Jesus Christ and may be saved. We are waiting for yours reply.


Thanking you!

Yours in HIS vineyard

Preaching and teaching


By God's mercy, grace & kindness we have been working for the Lord's kingdom independently for the last 7(Seven) years. We have 90 pastors & 20 missionaries in our mission field. They work honorarily. We get donations & tithes from our believers. We have not formed any organization. It is also not coming under any Church. We do not get any financial help from any quarters. We work among poor, illiterate, backward, underprivileged people living in the interior and tribal parts. Electricity has not yet come to most of these villages, no pliable road, no hospitals are found there. They do not get the basic facilities which urban people get. These people live by selling firewood. They hardly get Rs. 30-40 per day as their earning. Even it is very hard to get a square meal in a day for these people. They are half-clad. They don't have enough cloths to wear or to cover their body. Their children almost remain naked upto the age of ~6' years. Before came to the lord Jesus Christ, these people were worshiping nature in mountains, trees, jungles etc. and
when someone falls ill they have the tradition to kill a bird or an animal and to give their blood to the patient to drink. Most of the areas the people, their life style have remained unchanged till now, those are not yet come to the light of Jesus Christ.
By God's grace our ministry is bearing fruit. Now early 100 villages have responded to Gospel and the people have accepted Jesus Christ. And many village Churches have been formed. We conduct worship in verandas only as there are no church buildings. We have also started Sunday school in these villages. In each Sunday school nearly 25 children are attending. We even started educating the children. They are taught reading and writing. In this way we are working. We solicit your personal prayer and Church prayer for effective ministry.

Thanking you!
Yours in HIS vineyard

Invitation: - If you want to share the real love, care and compassion of Jesus Christ to the helpless, needy, poor, people; then please contact with us.

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