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I AM JON Bible Fellowship

6420 Glenoak Avenue, • Baltimore, MD 21214-1411 • United States • 443-682-9978/see/charmin/CM10381

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My background

Reverend Woodworth is 53 and usually in Maryland, USA. Brother Jon was the son of a preacher, a father of Ariel, Jonathan, Faith, Hope, Daniel, Christina and David, xFBI, x84Lumber, xRV park and X resident rehab mission chaplain, xVIP and high risk bodyguard, bounty hunter; insurance fraud, sudden infant and wrongful death, construction and warehouse undercover investigator; carpenter(large new house and rehab, layout and punchout), electrician, pistol distinguished master and instructor asst, xDunbar Armored vault spvr, xpublic school reading tutor, xfirearms and equipment salesperson to police, consultant to media on parental, police and firearms matters; writer, active carer for less abled, preacher, reading and Bible tutor and student. Jonathan is volunteer caregiver/Power of Attorney for Joe and Ronia. Brother Jon tutors the use of concordances and other Bible research tools on and off net at and from and to any level of interest, often for free. Jonathan represents Jesus Christ.

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