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Dear brother in Christ,
Greetings to you in the very precious name of our LORD and savior Jesus Christ.
By the local contributions of some believers only we are sharing the good news of Jesus to the tribal people, those who are totally far away from the facility of the present society. Because they are totally illiterate and bellow poverty. Every day they are facing with very difficulty situations to get the daily meals and daily needs like Food, cloths and shelter etc. We are trying to help them in physically and spiritually but we are not able to help them according to theirs needs. Therefore we need yours fervent prayers and love and co-operation for the above people.
Thanking You!
Dillu Bhai

prayer changes many things.

Respected servant of the living God,
Although I do not know about you and you too me, But it is true and fact that we are the children of living God and we are binding with the unspeakable love of Christ. So I would like to write about our ministry works. We are sharing the love of Christ to them, those who have no any knowledge of the light of the salvation. Because the group of the people, who are totally Illiterate, Backward, downtrodden, bellow poverty and living in the forest and hill area. Although most of the time we are going through the deep persecutions and problems and life risk to us, when we are preaching the gospel to them, still now a day by our daily prayers and our efforts they are slowly slowly coming to the LORD.
Therefore we request you please pray for our ministry works, so that every tribal people may know the true LORD and get the salvation. For yours fervent prayers are very precious to them to come out from the darkness life. Please contact with us to details of our ministry works.
Thanking you!
Dillu Bhai

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