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Shepherdfold ministry

27 Retreat House, Retreat Place • London, Hackeny E9 6RY • United Kingdom • 07950 464 234/see/charmin/CM10374

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S. F. M

This service is available to everyone: our aim is to reach people who think death is the only situation to their problem. We care about those people and assist them through counseling and support that are needed. Confidentiality is highly observed.

Do you need someone to talk to about the following or anything: we are here and we care about you:

1.Are you battling about or going through breaking relationship ALONE? such as unstable relationship / sexual abuse/ marriage crises that lead you into drinking, depression and frustration.?

2.Are you going through financial difficulties, such as lack of job or inability to save money?
3. Are you afraid of your tomorrow or having bad dreams?
4. Are you sick and you need someone to visit you?
5. Are you lonely and you need someone you can trust as a friend?
6. Are you hungry for the WORD?. COME
7.We have Surgery Thursday 9.30- 4pm by appointment only


The aim of this ministry is to prepare life, spirit and soul through the study of God's word. Giving is a gospel itself, therefore we give to the poor, orphans and widows that they may have joy to serve God. This is worship demand from us James 1:27.

We have two villages in Ghana rual area where we are looking after poor, ophans and widows. every year we hold crusade and give to them physical need after. now we have 54 widow and 73 ophans. we are looking forward to train them, giving them handwork through sewing, hairdressing, carpentry etc.

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