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The World For Christ Intl Ministries Inc.

PO Box, 201364 • San Antonio, TX 78220 • United States • 2107054339/see/charmin/CM10360

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Presiding Bishop - Bishop Dwight D. Jones

The purpose for which this fellowship is formed is to corporately and publicly worship, praise, and glorify the one true and living God who is Jesus the Christ!
We minister the word of God to the believers; to promote fellowship among the body of Christ; We preach repentance and water baptism in Jesus name to the sinners, (Acts 2:38) Jesus is the only one who can wash away all sin! We promote evangelism at home and abroad.
We believe it is the will of God for the saints to meet frequently for worship, instructions, fellowship, and outreach in accordance with Acts 2:42.
The message we declare to the young and old alike is based upon a literal, grammatical, and historical interpretation of the whole Bible.
We proclaim the truth of God's word (the Bible), being confident that God is glorified and mans needs are met when his truths are presented and obeyed!.
Come join us as we grow in the grace of God together!

General Secretary - Elder Famy Morgan

Building the Kingdom of God here on earth! ~Workers Needed~

You can reach us at:

Bishop Dwight D. Jones
The World For Christ Int'l Ministries, Inc.
PO Box. 201364
San Antonio, TX. 78220

Calvary Worship Center, SA
PO Box 201364
San Antonio, TX. 78220

Consider sowing a seed gift to help us spread this end-time gospel of Jesus Christ across this country and around the world! This is good ground!
We are in our building fund drive to acquire a headquarters building here in the San Antonio, TX area. We need your help!
If you have a building that you would like to donate or a sizable check to help us purchase, it would be 100% tax deductible, we are a tax exempt fellowship.
Make haste! hear God! Agree with him quickly and be at peace! Your giving could be the opening of the blessing or miracle you've been waiting for and need!

PO Box 201364 SATX 78220 may just be the road to recovery for you!!

If you are an independent minister, ministry, church or business owner who don't have an apostolic covering/father, why not prayerfully consider connecting with us in ministry as we take this world by spiritual storm, and tear down the works of the devil? Everyone needs to be connected and covered by someone that's hearing from God in this season. We are given to fasting, praying and the word of God!

Keep an eye open for our upcoming leaders conference:
"Many Sons Without a Father"

God Bless you is my prayer!

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