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Lives in Transition

P.O. Box 774, 101C Foster Road • Moorestown, NJ 08057 • United States • 856-866-9428/see/charmin/CM10343

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Helping ex-offenders successfully re-enter societ

Lives in Transition was founded in 2002 for the purpose of helping ex-offenders navigate their return to society. An affiliate of The Saints Prison Ministry, LIT helps men and women who are close to a release date by offering assistance wioth their release plan. A caseworker will offer physical aid where possible or refer the ex-offender to a program more local to their home state when practical.
It is the goal of Lives in Transition to demonstrate the principles found in Matthew 25 by giving those who are thirsty a cup or water; by giving those who are naked the clothing they require; and by giving an ex-offender the necessary tools to succeed post-release.

Assistance comes in many forms

LIT is located in southern New Jersey and offers assistance in housing, clothing, food, transportation, counseling, or finding a church home for any ex-offender coming back to the New Jersey area.
For ex-offenders being released to other areas of the country, LIT has developed an extensive network of agencies and ministries offering similar assistance around the country. A caseworker will refer applicants to a program or ministry close to their home, and follow up to see that assistance is being received.
The first contact should be made by letter, written to Mrs. Linda Mumma at the address listed. This letter should outline the ex-offenders needs, as well as the area they will be released to. The first contact should be made six months prior to release in order to facilitate a smooth transition.

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