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Crossing Bridges

PO Box 3525, • PORT ADELAIDE, SA 5015 • Australia • BrWayne's mobile: 0419 800 542

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About Crossing Bridges

We Help you to build a bridge and get over it!

Crossing Bridges was created as a form of Christian service and outreach (in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide) to provide a cheap local counselling service to youth and families, in all their diversity and complexity, facing difficulties in their relational, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We seek to promote an ethos and framework within which we may examine ourselves and our relationships with others, whilst moving on towards healing and reconcilliation.

A family and youth counsellor can be of real value when:
� You have been involved in a lot of fighting, yelling or violence at home, work or school
� You seem to be always angry
� Your feelings about people you love are becoming numb, hard or distant
� Relationships with parents, relatives, friends and teachers are breaking down or are unhappy
� "Hopelessness" has meaning for you now, and you hurt when you think or talk about it
� You feel like shouting - "Help me !" - but you're afraid of what that will happen if you do
� Something really "bad" has happened to you
� You really want to change things about your life

How we may be of help

Our Objectives are:
� To listen to you
� To help you to listen to those who care about you
� To help you get through this
� To help you prevent family breakdowns and separation
� To help you reduce risky and destructive behaviors
� To help you to understand your emotions and develop your self-control
� To help you build skills to manage conflict and anger
� To help you build-up and restore damaged family relationships

Being a teenager can be a bizarre and challenging time in changing physically, emotionally, sexually, socially and intellectually. It can be a time of desperate need for independence, freedom and recognised rights: If you require help in working through family breakdown or in understanding your teenager or just yourself.

We can also provide, when suitable, internet group chat and email communication services that may allow some clients to better express and discuss their needs and/or situation from the privacy of their own home.

Please contact us on the email listed below...

If we can't help you we will refer you onto someone who can.

The first consultation is always FREE.

Please note that we do not have any means to support physical needs or dependencies beyond our friendship and good counsel.

We provide our services to the North Western suburbs of Adelaide and generally like to meet in a public place such as a shopping mall or a cafe.

Our preferred venues are:
West Lakes mall
Port Adelaide malls
Semaphore shops
North Haven marina

Map & Directions

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