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Youth for Christ ministries (YOFOCHM) in Uganda, is a Global vision Inspired by the vision of the founders of the organisation, and all people of good will to work towards the improvement and uplifting of the living conditions of the youth globally through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. YOFOCHM was established in 2007 by Two Holy Spirit filled Christian youth who decided not to relax as the world is being taken up by immoral activities and later joined by youth from different churches and locations after being guided by the Holy sprit about the challenges that are faced by the youth. Such as Immorality, Disunity, Unemployment, Irreligiousness, STD infections, inferiority complex and illiteracy at large to save humanity.
This ministry is based in Kampala, Bakuli, Namirembe Road Plot 77 with the leadership of 50 youth leaders from different churches and is reaching out to various districts of Uganda and cities outside Uganda and Africa; encouraging, Uniting and fetching youth to Christ and independent not affiliated to any church. Click to see our staff.

All along the Christian youth have lagged behind in various sectors of life like politics, media, government positions, business and others. YOFOCHM has come to impact all the challenges. We reach out to youth at all levels be international or local level, preaching, entertaining, training and equipping them in all aspects of life. We believe nothing is impossible before God that's why we put our faith in Him because we know faith strengthens things we hope for. (Hebrews 11:1)

Yofochm stands to see that all youth take Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior and to bring togetherness among all people i.e. continental regions, churches and cultures as we encourage nurture, help, preach the good news of Jesus Christ ,motivate and inspiring them through sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Reaching out to the youth world wide through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Joining and uniting all youth who are in the body of Christ from different churches.
Fighting sexual immorality like homosexuality, lesbianism Globally.
Fighting poverty especially among youth in low developed countries through trainings and employment creation projects.
Bringing a smile on the crying souls' face like the poor, needy aged group, orphans among others.
Initiating the young Christians and busy working youth into ministry through availing part time ministry according to one's duty schedule.
Nurturing and developing the God given talents and gifts among the youth through training, financial support, encouragement and follow up.
Creating a positive attitude on the political, economical, and spiritual influence among the youth globally.
To be a community of loving disciples, bold in faith, strong in character, global in vision taking Jesus Christ to the world. John 12:32


We are pleased to announce that for The 2009 ETY Conference; the theme will be: GREATER!
The scripture that will guide the programming is:
"Yours, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty; for all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours; yours is the kingdom, O LORD, and you are exalted as head above all." 1 Chronicles 29:11
Don't Wait - Be Part of the Best ETY Ever!

About The 2009 ETY.

We live in the age of super-sizing. Everyone speaks of living large, getting the most out of the moment, and seizing the day. But in teen culture, this philosophy has led to a frenetic, fragmented approach to life where the driving force of existence is stringing together one experience after another in hopes of finding happiness. Teens are constantly driven to look for the next big thing, the higher "high" or the greater thrill. But often, there is no real consideration or contemplation for the purpose or meaning of their lives. Life becomes empty and is reduced to nothing. In turn, God is reduced to nothing with teens not really knowing who God is or what to believe.

But God is bigger. God is the ultimate. God is truly GREAT, and He reigns as King of the Universe. His heart burns with a passionate, unconditional love for each of us. It is this love that changes hearts, sets people free, and draws us into deeper communion with the one who made us.

Jesus says in John 10:10, "I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly." This "real life" is discovered only when we take our eyes off of ourselves, the world, its false pleasures, its half-truths and give our hearts completely to the Living God.

In 2009, we will be calling young people to tear down the facade the world has thrown up in front of them. We will draw them into the presence of the God of the Universe where they will see that God truly is GREAT, better than anything else and living in their hearts through faith and Baptism.

We want to show them that God is not an experience but a journey. He is their beginning, He is their end. And He is in all, through all and with all of them as they journey through this life. And we want to call young people to make Christ King of their hearts - where He can reign GREATER!
We hope to see you at This 1st Mega ETY conference!
God bless you!

Conference registration is open across the world.

I want to encourage each one of you to register your group or individually as quickly as possible. It is my hope that everyone who wants to attend The ETY conference will be able to. Much as this conference is organized to benefit young people from Africa, we as well welcome International Participants. Are you a Leader, Student, Worker, Parent or You; with experience in any of the youth challenges, which you would like to share with young people here, please let us know by email or phone,
+256-772053408.Your queries will be answered 24/7.
Additionally, the call for Abstract Papers for the upcoming conference speakers in this conference as international speakers is on, those interested are advised to submit their finished papers by 1st-JULY 2009, by email through

Registration&Facilitation fees for International participants is US$110;This include :Conference T-shirt, Airport Transfer, Conference Materials, Accommodation, Transport to the Conference Venue, Coffee breaks and luncheons, Conference, Participants Certificate for the entire 3days of the event.
For the indigenous participants; will register with only US$15.This is an offer to our Local Participants. The fee will include; Transport, Feeding And a Conference T-shirt

With the care and skill of all our staff, everyone who is to Join Yofochm family in This Mega 2009 ETY conference; will experience outstanding conference facilities and great hospitality. In addition, we will share in dynamic programming and the amazing love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Together, we will be part of a movement of God that reaches from coast to coast and border to border. We will share in the ongoing evangelization and conversion of the saints of the third millennium. Let's make 2009 the best Year ever. God bless you.

ETY Scholarship Donation:
We at the Equip The Youth Conference have done all that we can to make this experience affordable for as many youth as possible. However, there are always those who lack the necessary funds. That being the case, we have created our own scholarship fund to enable all our local participants who were unable to attend due to financial constraints fees attend. This is achieved through your kind donations towards the Conference Expenses See budget

If you would like to help, we invite you to donate to the ETY Scholarship fund through paying by Bank Transfer Only. In special cases we can accept Western Union or Money Transfers. Feel free to specify any donation amount you wish. Any amount helps.
Individuals in position to donate sports equipment kindly lets us know by email can as well come along with 1 or 2 soccer balls, netballs, basketballs, volleyballs and sports attires in your bag. This is due to the conference different sports activities falling in line with our "teachings".

Thank you, and God bless.

Registration Form
2009 Equip The Youth Conference/Retreat - Uganda

AUGUST 28,29,30TH-2009
ETY 2009 Theme: GREATER
Theme Scripture: "Yours, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty; for all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours; yours is the kingdom, O LORD, and you are exalted as head above all." 1 Chronicles 29:11
Dates: AUGUST 28,29,30-2009
Registration Fee, Int'l Participants; $10 ($15 after 17TH JULY )
Facilitation Fee: $100
Total Cost: $110 ($115 after 17TH JULY )
We are sorry, ETY cannot accept credit cards.

*Registration fee For Int'l Praticipants; covers a ETY 2009 T-shirt.
"Facilitation include:
Airport Transfer
Conference Materials
Transport to the Conference Venue
Coffee breaks and luncheons
Conference Souvenirs (are on Sale)
Participants Certificate
Contact our leadership for more information:
Kapere Stephen (President),

Zionlex Matimbo (Vice President.)

Brian Nsubuga (Chair-ETY Committee),

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