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Crusaders Outreach Team

2 Oduaran street, off post office road, P.O Box 1369, warri. • Ughelli, Delta State p.o. box 126 Ughell • Nigeria • +234(0)8036068671,(07060434348/see/charmin/CM10287

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OUR MESSAGE:The kingdom of God is near you

Jesus message through out his life time has always be that the kingdom of god is at hand.he uses various parables but all to illustrate that the kingdom of God is at hand. one should understand that when Jesus preach or say that the kingdom of God is at hand,he is not telling us how close or how near his second coming is. Remember that this has been his message even before he went to the cross to do the actual work of should therefor understand that God has not send his son to preach the damnation or another message instead he has anointed him to preach The Gospel(the good news). God has a good news to all human race. This good news could not have been that God's judgment is near. That could not have been a good news to the sinful and sin-burdened world into which Jesus was born. It is through of the generation into which Jesus born that "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" -so that the news that God is about to destroy the sinner could not have been a good news to such a generation. That would have mean that all man kind was doomed by God. But..."God had not sent his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be save" Jesus has come to remedy the hopelessness of man kind by showing us a way out of this that has for long entangled us. He had come to remedy our situation of being hopelessly lost in sin. He has come to tell us that kingdom of God is at hand i.e the kingdom of God is now accessible by mankind. The righteousness of God is now attainable. It is now possible for man to live the perfect will of God. Jesus did not only teach and preach the possibility of having a man that has a perfect right standing with God but also lived it before our humble eyes. He lived a holy and blameless life in this same world in which we now live.tempted at every point yet without sin. He boldly declares that that prince of this world have tried him and find no guilt in him. Pilate publicly declared that he"found no guilt in this man. He proved a righteousness that could not only be attained but also could be sustained that he become our perfect example. what a GOOD news to a dieing world as this who probably had lost the hope of becoming the perfect image of God. what a privilege to share in the very nature of God- the realm of absolute righteousness, where to live as God lives is absolutely natural. it is indeed a good news. In this world of absolute righteousness remission and forgiveness of sin is adequately provided for through the blood of that we are not condemned and consumed in our mistakes but are instantly washed, cleansed and restored whenever we fall short but remember to ask for forgiveness. so that our righteousness is imputed on us through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

our missions, purpose & programs

OUR MISSIONS: 1. We undertakes rural evangelism quarterly with series of intermediate program for training of our personals. 2. We also have the duty of taking care of young converts' need espcially those that to do with adapting to the new life in christ. for example replacing indicent dresses for former prostitutes, buying of cloths for former juju priest who were formally bound to using only their piestly garment; funding their immediate needs such as feeding, school fees for those who were rejected by parents on giving their lives to christ,those who needed to abandon sin partners who were also their sponsors, job creation,trade learning e.t.c 3. Care for ophans: we have had this as one of our major yearly assignment but we regret to note that we were only able to do this once due to financial constraint(we visited Orem Ophanage Home in Afiesere raod,Ughelli, delta state Nigeria in Dec.2007 Our Purpose 1. we have been duty bound to rescue the perishing souls in the African rural communities begining from our Jerusalem nigeria.Mounting a constant road block on the highways leading to hell. 2. standing around the newly converted people; to encourage,teach,& make disciple of them to win others 3. to help stand as source of encouragement to rural pastors many of whom their missions do not show concern to their welfare probably because of the fast growing disinterestedness for village ministries CHALLENGES 1. inadequate funds for the the young converts' care programs. This is of great concerns to us. most times we just have to part with our clothes for lack of funds to purchase new ones. 2. Transportation & communication media are really available or adequate. 3. inadequate personals for field works shortage of training material and resources persons since all this depend on free will facilities and free services. *** sister Evelyn & Ovigue leaving in Ebor-Orogun village in Ughelli north local government Area,Delta State Nigeria both needs your help to continue their academics. they got born again on Sunday 28 June,2009 leaving their sin partners who were also their sponsors. both are currently in ss2 trusting God for the continuation of their academic career. reach to them through the welfare officer assigned to them by Crusader's Outreach team Sist. Eunice Uduere on +234(0)7060434348;Oceanic Bank acc no. 1330001013087. ACHIEVEMENTS THUS FAR The team has been able to reach out to a good number of villages since it came into inception in Sept.2007 were we recorded converts in their units and tens. communities like Oviri-Olomu, Otiyede, Ovwor, Olomoro, ighwlologbo,Ebor-Orogun, e.t.c. Team has also converted two former cultists who are currently under evangelistic training. prostitutes rubbers & idolaters etc has been saved. ONCOMING PROGRAMS Afiesere community for Christ date:12th July, 2009 respected population:40 programs: 1. house to house evangelism 2. revival service every evening 3. youth academic training(2hrs per day) 4. adult trade learning(candle & soap production) 5. sunday (baptism and communion service) estimate for programes: feeding:#7000 transportation and communication:#10,000 training & service cost: #8,000 new convert care:20,000 emergencies: #5,000 reach to us via this acc. oceanic Bank, 1330001013087 REMEMBER; WHEN YOU SOW YOUR SEEDS YOU HELP US TAKE THE GOSPEL TO OTHER PARTS OF AFRICA & TO BRING MANY MORE SOULS TO CHRIST. GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU DO. YOU MAY ALSO PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF OUR PROGRAMS. simply call the numbers shown above or send us a an email.

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