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GOD'S COVENANT MINISTRY is a non-denominational Fellowship that has its beginning in God's Inspiration - for the sole purpose of PRAYER OF FAITH - that makes the un-happened to happen. And the hidden Promises of God made manifest to man.

In GOD'S COVENANT MINISTRY, we share the burdens of each other in the fold; because a BURDEN remains hard and depressing while resting on the shoulders of one Soul. But, when the BURDEN is identified, it becomes the BURDEN of the entire folk. And the BURDEN vanishes. GAL 6: 2.


In GOD'S COVENANT MINISTRY, we reach out for the un-reached Souls with the message of the Kingdom of our Dear Lord and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST. We need each other to worship God more effectively. The people outside the folk must be brought in - through the Word and the share of His Love.

God cannot give a VISION He cannot sponsor or take care of. And the VSION of God stands firm. His Word and Pronouncement stands the test of time, situations and circumstances. And God cannot change because of our present sad history of failures and disappointments. God's tomorrow for His people is free from the worries of today and yesterday. For His Vision waits for an appointed time. HABB 2:4.

Since GOD'S COVENANT MINISTRY came on board in the Year 2004, the Prophecies of God stand sure. God's Way of doing things has proved other little gods wrong. The Sick are healed; the Uncomforted are comforted. The Hopeless is made hopeful. The Rejected, Dejected and Ejected is made the prince of the home. Those in various forms of satanic bondage are set free. For in Mount ZION the people of God possess their possessions.
OBAD. Vs 17.
Eyes are seeing TODAY what they could not see yesterday. To God be the Glory.

All these Testimonies cannot be possible without mentioning the secret in the fold of GOD'S COVENANT MINISTRY - His undiluted Love and Agreement being practised amongst members of the Fold. Certainly, TWO cannot work together without an agreement - AMOS 3:3.
Here, we believe that God can do ALL things - including the present nightmare, doubts and fears you are passing through.

Come and fellowship with us at GOD'S COVENANT MINISTRY. Your present level TODAY becomes your starting point to the great heights God ordained for you.

Yours In Him,

General Overseer

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