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free interdenominational holiness truth

21135 us 52, • laurel, IN 47024 • United States • 765-698-2518/see/charmin/CM10218

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bible study casette tape ministry

Freely distributes Bible teaching and preaching/singing testimonial, and reading tapes, presented by the reverend brother derek west, on all old time, old fashioned holiness truths found in the bible, Tapes consist of singing, shouting, preaching, praying, speaking in tongues and the gifts.We also through this ministry have in home and at home Bible Studies upn request, along with homebound visits to the elderly, and requests to visit nursing homes and hospitals. Also preach and evangelize to local Pentecostal Holiness Churches.I also do on one at home bible studies, have a sunday morning 10 am service at the free nazarene church, located on state road 121 in laurel, where the sister anita quinton leads us in a nazarene doctrine bible study, at 3 pm every sunday, we have a youth service sponsored and led by brother derek west. All youths are welcome. Also on tuesday nights at 6 pm, and on friday nights at 7 pm, brother derek west, I the assistant pastor of the free nazarene church, have bible study and interaction. On saturday afternoon at 5 pm, I also do a prayer and testimony service where all are welcome to come and testify.I am also affiliated wth another individual who has his own evangelistic and witnessing ministry, through the free nazarene church of laurel, and through my free interdenominational full gospel holiness truth spreading ministry, and he is a good brother. to request tracts or to request prayer, or to be led to salvation, contact brother thomas sterrett at 4111 West vernal pike, Bloomington indiana 47404, or call him at 317-777-5472. I Brother Derek West can be contacted at 765-698-2518, or at 765-309=2596, or at 765-309-3759, and my mailing address is Brother derek West/ Free Nazarene Church/ Free interdenominational full gospel holiness church at 21135 us 52, laurel in 47024. Brother Thomas Sterrets seeking support for a nondenominational witnessing ministry through the distribution of Gospel Tracts and literature. He is currently seeking a nonprofit organization status. You may contact Brother Thomas Sterrett at the above listed phone and address, and help distribute tracts and, if you are unsaved, and are interested in knowing how to recieve the Lord as savior, you may contact Brother Thomas, for he is a fiery servant for the Lord, and I assure you that all of the Glory will of to the Lord.Below you will find a invitation to the Free Nazarene Church of Laurel, State Road 121, Laurel Indiana. If you would like to come and preach in one of our services, you can contact the pastor, the Reverend Everett Quinton at 765-679-5303. May the Lord richly bless you.

Interdenominational House Church

I, Brother Derek West am starting a new ministry. It is a hocmebound church at home at my residense of 21135 US 52, Laurel Indiana 47024. The Church is called the Free Independent Interdenominational NazaBaptiCostal Full Gospel Holiness Church, and I am also rearing a religious counselling service for those who have been hurt by the modern day, authoritarian, legalistic church, and I am calling this counselling ministry, Wounded Sheep Ministries, and my slogan is "Healing those who hurt." I have composed a set of by laws for my new house church, and they can be viewed below. If you or anyone that you know is interested in being a part of this house church ministry, or if you are in need of counsel, write me, Brother Derek West at 21135 us 52, Laurel Indiana, 47024, or call 765-698-2518. Free Independent NazaBaptiCostal Full Gospel Holiness Church and Wounded Sheep Ministries is a home bound house church, with an emphasis on the fundamentalist views of the traditional church. We were founded with the mission to preserve the traditional apostolic faith, believing that the house church is the traditional way of having church. We believe that the minister is not to be an authority figure, but rather a leader of God's flock, and that all leaders have different callings. We believe that there is to be an apostle, one who teaches the newcomers in Christ, how to become effective disciples, through being a friend and a mentor to the new converts. There is also to be an evangelist, one who is wholly set aside to preach Jesus Christ and him crucified, who is an effective witness, and a brave and sincere soul winner. We believe in teachers, who explain and read the Gospel, for the sake of giving insight and understanding to the word of God. We believe in the preacher, who is not the pastor, but one who delivers the word with wisdom and the anointing. We believe there is an elder, who is to be valued for their wisdom, who is the main counsellor of the church, and we believe in saints, who are the believers who hold a high personal standard, and are the backbone of the church. We believe that all of these figures, should be filled by individual persons, and that person should not hold a title for their purpose, but should fulfill it in accordance with the holy scriptures. At all times, all who are of each calling is welcome to perform their tasks, while all visitors are encouraged to participate. There is no formal membership, and all visitors are always considered visitors. At no time, will there be any organization of members, nor any voting out of members. We do not believe in causing divisions, so if you intend to be unruly or critical, do not come to hinder God's work, and if you intend to get a name here, this is not the place to go. We believe that all visitors are entitled to obey the spirit, and anyone who is spirit led, is free to testify, read scriptures, preach, pray, and sing, or play instruments at any time, and shouting, hand clapping, running, speaking in tongues is always welcome under all conditions, neither will those who do not wish to participate be criticized, for love and free worship is the basis of this ministry. We believe that salvation is by faith and confession of our sins, and that if a man renounces his salvation, he is a backslider. The backslider may do limited work in this church, but they cannot fulfil the works of one who holds a position. We believe that as long as a man repents if he sins, the lord will forgive him/her, and that no man has the right to be proud or judgmental. We believe in the sanctification of the believer after salvation, giving them a pure heart and a clean conscience, and we believe in outward holiness as an outward sign of inward sanctification. We do not forbid the free worship of those who do not believe in the possibility to backslide, we simply request that you do not preach this conflicting doctrine to others, although you are free to believe it, and I or any other visitor, at any time, shall not discriminate against your beliefs, or force you to believe any other way, but shall respect your differences, and those who fail to do so, will not be rebuked, but rather, they will be prayed for, forgiven, and loved. This ministry has no room for unforgiveness, nor does it have room for bitterness, or foolishness. Rebuke is not permitted, but loving advice and suggestions is encouraged. We believe that if you do not believe in outward holiness, that we will not force you to live it, nor will we expect you to preach it, but rather, we are all expected to respect your more charismatic views, and to accept you, but at no time shall you preach against holiness in any way, shape or form, and we simply ask this out of respect for the holiness people. We believe that the Holy Spirit enters into your soul at the moment that you are sanctified with a pure heart, and a clean conscience, and that this spirit leads you and guides you. We beleive that this spirit indwelling and sanctification is instant and does not progress. We do not discriminate against those who do not believe in sanctification, nor do we hold it against those who deny the indwelling of the holy spirit at the moment of sanctification, neither shall anyone force you to change your beliefs, nor deny your right to be active in service. Our only request on this matter is that you abstain from preaching against the indwelling of the spirit at sanctification. We also believe in the second stage of sanctification, which we call progressive sanctification, meaning that your sanctification progresses over time, and during this progression, we believe that you are filled with the holy Ghost, which is the evidence of speaking in tongues. Also, at this time, we believe in the holy Ghost taking on two types of tongues. Other tongues and unknown tongues. Unknown tongues must have an interpretation, and cannot be uttered unless you have the interpretation, and other tongues will always have an utterance, and will always be in the form of another language, and a third stage of the spirit baptism, the fire, in which we also believe, is when the Lord gives you shouting, personal convictions, callings, and the gifts of the spirit. If you do not believe in speaking in tongues, we do not expect you to practice it, yet we ask you to refrain from preaching against it, and we also forbid others to discourage you from participation in the service, because of your differing beliefs, all must respect all beliefs, yet none are expected to practice all beliefs. We do not condone out loud tongues with no interpretation, but rather than rebuking, we shall privately counsel you, and no counseling will be done publicly, nor will it be done without permission. We believe in the gifts of the spirit, and all of the ordinances of rememberance. We believe in using wisdom, and expect all to seek wise counsel from the elders, as well as knowledge. We encourage all visitors to read their own Bibles daily, and to interpret them for themselves, and to be open to opinion, and to participate in Bible Studies and scripture reading. We believe in healings and miracles, tongues, interpretations, diverse tongues, and discerning of spirits, and we believe in the casting out of devils, by using the word of God. We regularly take communion, pray for one another, annoint with olive oil, pray for the sick, lay on the hands, baptise in water, and participate in foot washings and other acts of humility. No visitor will be forced to participate, yet none shall be forbidden. Our services shall be led by the Spirit. There are no song leaders, no authority figures, no owners, no assigned musicians, no youth group leaders etc. All believers shall worship together at all times, and at no time shall there ever be any type of segregation. We at no time, shall have any meetings to elect any person to any position or calling, because we believe that God is the one who calls us. At no time, will we vote on any matter before a counsel, because all matters will be discussed openly among all believers at all times. At no time, will this congregation of believers accept a denominational title, or a religious set of rules or beliefs, but rather the holy Ghost shall lead you in all you believe. All services will run on a spontaneous combustion, and no scheduled service times will be made, but as more believers gather, service times will be discussed. The service will consist of all of the following every service, prayer requests and praying, testimonies from every believer, songs from every believer, scripture reading from every believer, many instruments will be played, even spoons, and cans etc to make a joyful noise, hands will be raised in praise, there will be shouting, there will be running, there will be dancing in the spirit, there will be love, there will be unity, there will be speaking in tongues, there will be anointing, there will be old time holy rolling, there will be holiness preaching, there will be interpretations of tongues, there will be demons cast out, there will be revival, there will be laughing, there will be crying, there will be teaching, there will be exhorting, there will be loving rebuke, there will be communion, there will be foot washing, there will be hugging, there will be hand shaking, there will be visions, there will be dreams, there will be prophesy, there will be healings, there will be miracles, there will be prayer boxes, prayer cloths, and anything and everything else that the spirit leads us to have. You are the church. You are the leaders. You are the spirit of the service, and Jesus is the Lord over it all. If anyone has any questions or any suggestions, please contact Brother Derek West at 765-698-2518 or write 21135 us 52, laurel in 47024. God Bless Brother Derek West

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