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was founded in the year 1996 by the humble servant of God
Rev. pastor. G. samson as a result of the vision the Lord gave to him in the year

The main aim of the ?AUFM? is to take the ?Gospel? to every part of the
country because only the Gospel has the power to save, heal and

transform the lives of people. The ministry has been actively involved in
Evangelism, Pastoral Training, Church Planting and Caring for the Material
and Medical needs of the poor and old people. The AUFM is instrumental
in planting more than 25 churches in the state of Andhra Pradesh, tamil
nadu during the last 10 years of fruitful ministry.

Our Main Aims are :

Church Planting

Pastoral Training

Social Service and Social Action

Women and Youth Ministries

India - Land Of Great Diversity


106 Crores of Population (10.06 Million)

28 States

7 Union Territories
18 Major Languages

1600 Minor languages and dialects

6 Major Religions

(Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Christianity)

6,400 Castes

An Over View of Our Ministries


Gospel Outreach
it. Since the world is in the last phase of the end times, there is an
urgency to preach the Good News in every place as the Lord designates.
Innumerable people are being saved, healed and revived through this
ministry. It is our aim and goal to conduct Crusades in every District in
the State of Andhra Pradesh if the Lord tarries.

The primary burden is to take the gospel to those who have never heard

Seminars and Conferences

To conduct seminars for Pastors and leaders and independent evangelists
and believers in order to equip them for the five fold ministry. Many
pastors attend such seminars and are being recommitting and
re-dedicating their lives to the Lord and are going in to the field with new
vision and anointing.
Women's' Retreats

We are concentrating more on women because 70 percent of every
spiritual gathering consists of women. Women are spiritually more receptive and
responding to the gospel than men. So by concentrating on the women we
aim at getting in to the Hindu homes and thus winning the others in
the family. Please pray for this need of arranging women's' retreats in
this year.

Youth Retreats

We also concentrate on the youth because 51 percent of Indian
population consists of young people below the age of 20 years. By winning the
youth we want to build a strong church for the coming generations thus
winning the country for the Lord and expand the kingdom.

Church Planting

We have been planting churches wherever there is a need, while ensuring
the request and active participation of the local believers. Build
small Church buildings in tribal and rural areas wherever there is need.
We want to build at least one church building in every Mandal of the
district before the year 2015. Conduct regular church gatherings for the
edification of the local believers.

Native Missionaries

We have about 30 pastors who are working in rural villages and
pastoring churches and evangelizing the villages. We are seeking for a regular
support for these preachers who are working with great sacrifice and
commitment to see the great commission of Jesus Christ is fulfilled. We
recommend each family to adopt one family of a pastor or a evangelist
and support that family with a regular monthly support. Details of the
pastor or evangelist will be sent along with a family and church picture
to the sponsoring family.

Evening Bible School

We have been running an Evening Bible School for the pastors and lay
leaders who are already in the ministry. There are 30 students in this
school which runs classes three days a week during evenings.

School of the Holy Spirit

We are praying and planning to start a full time Bible School 40
students. We are looking for people who would help us to start and run a full
time bible school in order to train young people from tribal and
seacoast villages in order to send them in to the field and plant churches.

Medical Aid

In villages people usually suffer with malnutrition and venereal
diseases and problems with their joints, eyes, ears and teeth. Because of
their ignorance they don't give much importance to a balanced diet and that
leads to lots of other problems and they usually suffer with problems
and suffer with joint pains and neural disorders.

Young people who are involved in fornication or adultery usually find
themselves caught up with dreadful diseases like Gonorrhea, Syphilis and
sometimes even HIV Positive ( Aids).

The are some who suffer with dental problems because they chew tobacco
related products, suffer with eye sight problems due to malnutritious
food. Such other related diseases are common in these groups. Pregnant
women and lactating mothers are very sick due to improper diet habits.

So in this situation it is our aim to provide proper medical assistance
and educate them. We are praying about conducting regular medical
camps and check the patients and provide free medicines where ever

So we are looking for people who can be of help for us in this area.

Social Activities

We are also involved in reaching the people and providing medical and
material aid in times of need. Give clothes to the poor women and
children during Christmas time. Provide materials, which will help them to
re-establish their homes. We distributed many utensils and Sarees to the
families, which are affected by Tsunami. We also help the people who
are affected, by being with them while they are trying to bring their
lives to normalcy. We are involved in taking care of widows and orphans
and unwanted children. We are planning to start an Old Age Home soon as
the Lord enables us.

It is our prayerful request to uphold us and our ministry in your
prayers and to join your hands and hearts if God inspires and enables you
and associate with us in this great mission of reaching the un-reached
with the Gospel and touching the lives with the love of Jesus Christ.

You may ask us, How can I help? Here is how you can help us and be part
of this ministry.

# 1. You can pray for our ministry and especially for our
missionary-pastors who are

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