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New Shalom ministries

East of Anurag Hospital, west Bailey Ro, • Patna, BIHAR 801 503 • India • +91 9939664690/see/charmin/CM10147

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New shalom ministries (NSM) is a religious and the social action group working towards the preaching of the gospel in every part of BIHAR: taking care of those who are oppressed, doing the health orientation programmes for the poor and the needy and the empowerment of women and poor and educating and caring for the orphan, abandoned and helpless children.

After working as a missionary in Bihar for more than 20 years, we realized that some of the oppressed groups are still unreached with the gospel and their basic needs have not been met. We decided to work for their development from 2006 onwards. To begin fulfilling these needs, we as a family started a self supported school called HEBRON MISSION SCHOOL at a place named HATIA KHAND in Patna. We have also begun work especially among the oppressed people groups called mushahars. We have 15 mushahar children in a home which we have in Patna. We call it happy home. The NSM works with abandoned and helpless children, tribal, dalits, women and poor to protect their rights and ensure social justice to them with the motto "we believe in the justice of the lord".
Our vision is to reach the un-reached and oppressed with the good news of the lord Jesus
Christ. This includes guiding the believers to reach their own people. We intend to concentrate primarily in Bihar state in northern India.
NSM envisages a transformation of the society. This means an empowerment of the marginalized so that their rights can be realized. This of course means that an equitable and just society will be formed.
1) Equip volunteer workers to be placed in various part of Bihar, and beyond to reach the unreached with the gospel.
2) To place workers for church planting and community transformation in unreached areas where there is currently no Christian work, especially among the mushahars who are the most oppressed group in Bihar. 3) Train the native believers for leadership by giving specialized training in reaching children, youth, and the elite of this society, religious groups.
4) Introduce education and medical service along with rehabilitation centers for women and children from persecuted families, child laborers, tribal children, orphans.
To promote community based education, integrated development and rehabilitation for orphan and abandoned children.
To work towards the social, economic, educational, cultural and political empowerment of tribal, dalits, women, children, landless and poor.
To promote the people centered advocacy for ensuring human rights and social justices.
To work towards the promotion of tribal self governance, language and culture. Promotion of education for all and rural health especially for women and children.
To endeavor for integrated village development through agriculture development, irrigation and income generation programme.
To works for the conservation of herbal medicinal plants, tree plantation and social forestry for the protection of environment.
To motive youth for development and their involvement for social development. To initiate campaign for the eliminating of social evil like untouchability, child marriage, dowry system, drag addiction and with hunting. Research and documentation on social issues.
Child education sponsorship program
CESP is a joint initiative of NSM and those from other countries willing to join in the redress the grievances of orphan, abandoned and helpless children. Under this program, children are provided economic, social and moral support to ensure their qualitative education and development. They are enrolled in HEBRON MISSION SCHOOL and other schools. Many are even provided accommodations. This will provide not only education but opportunity for their participation in regular activities of schools like games, sports, cultural activities with other children. This helps them to get out of the social stigma of being an orphaned or from a different class, caste, or creed and thus grow physically and mentally so that they can compete with the children of the main stream of society. At the same time, their relatives and the people of the community are sensitized regarding their social responsibility towards these children.
Health oriented program for the oppressed and doing the medication free of costs.
Human rights are another major issue of NSM. It works for the promotion and protection of human rights. We organize mass awareness and provide legal support to the victims. We likewise mobilize people to put pressure on the appropriate government authorities.
Church planting.
NSM is sending helpers to the places where there is no Christian witness. Church planting includes conducting seminars, organizing festivals and offering many opportunities to preach the good news to the people we are reaching.
Economic self reliance (MICRO ENTERPRISES)
NSM promotes economic self reliance through micro credit programme. It works with women and men of the musahars, youth and rickshaw pullers, etc., In order to make them self-dependent and ensure their human rights and right to choose their freedom of expression.

(NSM)--New Shalom Ministries,
East of Anurag Hospital, West Bailey Road, Danapur,
Patna, BIHAR-801 503 INDIA.
H/P: - +91 9939664690,
Pho: - + 91 612 32 444 31

Email id: -,

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