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New Life Foundation Ministry India

Gopobandhu Nagar, P.O. Hilpatna,Berhamp, Dist. Ganjam, Orissa, India. • Berhampur, Orissa 760005 • India • 0091 933 733 4401/see/charmin/CM10117

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Orphanage, Children Home&Church Ministry

As NEW LIFE FOUNDATION MINISTRY has different corners, it is our desire to establish a orphan home in each of these centers, providing accommodation for 50 orphans. Any church or individual can take up this project, apart from @25 for an orphan per month, initial amount of about $1250 would be essential for establishment. For further information please inquire us and we would be delighted to send the details of the location and profiles of the orphans and you may visit us any time according to your convenience. You can also contribute one time sponsorship to these children, It may be at yours celebrations, in times like Birthday celebrations of children, Christmas event, Educational Tour, or a Cultural event. Write to us at May GOD Bless you.

You can make a smile.....& change a life....

We are currently looking after 50 abandoned children amongst the communities of Kandha, Pana, Fishers, Dandasi, Harijana, Hadi, Bauri, Bhandari,Soura, Kui etc. Berhampur is the east part of Orissa, India, near the sea. We have to build a good building as these 50 orphan and abandoned children have been kept in a rented house and as we do not have beds they are sleeping in floor. During the literacy program I saw hundreds of children those were moving on the streets and roads with out having proper motherly care. My heart moved with compassion.So with out having any fund nor sponsors having a great faith brought them and taking care. We desire to build an orphanage with four large rooms, one Kitchen, 5 Toilet and 5 Bath rooms. We would like a play ground in front of the orpanage, a well and one tube well Also, an attached school building and beds 50 Children 7.3000 square feet Local churches and citizens currently help us with the day to day needs.We need your love,Prayer and kind support which will help us to go farward.

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