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Jamie Dingler Ministry

Coweta County, • Newnan, GA 30263 • United States • /see/charmin/CM10086

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Spreading Gods Word To A Dieing World

Hello I am Jamie Dingler a ordained Baptist preacher.I am a Evangelist in Newnan Georgia.I believe that in the world we are living in today that the word of God needs to be preached.I believe and preach the whole word of God.I have been called a old timey preacher but I believe if a man preachers the gospel he must also live it.It is time for the childern of God to stand up and be heard.We have sat back to long.Jesus is coming back to get his childern.On that day the dead in Christ shall rise first.Then them that remain and are saved by the grace of God shall be called to meet him in the air.This will be the Final Homecoming Day.Jesus said that we must be borned again to enter into the Kindom of God.Jesus is coming are you ready.

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Hello I am Jamie Dingler a ordained Baptist minister.I am a Evangelist in Newnan Georgia.I am 35 years old and have been preaching the gospel since 1999.When God saved me I put away the old man and everything became new.I do talk about my old self the drugs and foolish things I have done.The best is where God has Brought me from and where God has took me.I have a wonderful Wife and 2 wonderful little girls.We would love to come to your church and spread Gods Word with you.We love to speak were ever God opens the door for us churchs,schools,meetings,kid groups,ect.Our kids are our churchs of tomorrow.They need to know what the world is offering them and what God can do for them.Friends of mine satan is working on kids today not only the kids anyone that will listen to him.Satan knows he doesn't have much time left to work.Lets spread the word and God can win some souls.If you would like us to be with you and preach Gods word.This is how you do it email us at Also send prayer request there to or just send us a letter telling us what God has done in your life.We love you and God loves you.Remember us in your prayers and we will do the same.Go a praying and come a praying that God's will will be done in all our lives.

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