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1. There is no other revelation except word of God by which God's will is revealed and it is inspired but the Holy Spirit as a result it alone stands for its authorship inerrancy, and trust worthiness. And it is absolutely the rule of your faith and practice. 2. In spite of all critics we hold the doctrine of existence of triune God who is one in Essence and three personalities being The God the Father, The God the Son, The God the Holy Spirit. 3. Jesus as an historic person is the Son of God came to the world through virgin birth, lived and died for the remission of sin as substitution, rose up on the 3rd day, lives forever and will come again to take the Church up and to Judge all sinners. 4. Salvation is by none except by the name and blood of Jesus Christ. Every one is saved by grace through faith, salvation cont be lost. 5. There are only two ordinances for believer one is Baptism, other one is Lord's Supper, the Holy Communion. 6. Baptism is only the Identification as believer, symbolizes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And it is the Baptism of Immersion only. 7. The Lord's Supper is only remembrance of the sufferings of Christ and hope of ever Christian to be with Him. 8. All commandments are summarized as two in New Testament 1. Love Thy God with all your heart, mind and soul 2. Love thy neighbor as your self. 9. We believe Rapture, millennium and eternal state of believers. 10. Holy Spirit is a person not an influence and the 3rd person of the Holy Trinity. 11. Worship is part of life. We chose Sunday for Church worship and fellowship, the very first day of the Week. 12. We honor even all denominations and we love to work with them to reach the Unreached and to show the Christ`s Love. .


Our priority is to reach the unreached and to show the way of eternal life and to enlighten the lives of the people. 1. Evangelism: Gospelising and evangelizing the world through various programs and projects such as literature open crusades, street preaching film evangelism, and mobile Evangelism team. 2. House of comfort: It is a home to give hope in the hope less lives such as abounded orphaned, street children, and victims of disasters and widows. Placing Hope in the heart of little ones and we show the way of Physical prosperity as well as spiritual eternity. 3. Medical Care: There are many people in rural, tribal villages dieing because not having proper medical care and treatment and medicine. In rural places people are being affected by many dieses, even just born babes also. Many children remained as orphans and effected children are remained as handicapped. As children of God we would like to give emergency Medicare and free medicine and establish mobile clinics and one general Hospital. Be a Light ..Be a blessing Please contact us for more information

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