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Gospel of Life International ministry started in 1997 by Pastor Christopher Nkuusi with a vision of preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ both national wide and international wide. He has preached the gospel in Central, East, and Western Uganda. In his meetings, he has experienced God's power, the sick have been healed, and miracles have been done by the power of the Lord's hand in both villages and cities. So far because of the thirst in the villages, his ministry has worked so much through the village out reach and 18 churches have been started deep in various villages in various districts; Rakai, Mubende, Kyenjojo, Kasambya, Wakiso. (Mark 16:17). He thanks the Lord for the team he works with, and for the grace of the Lord he has given him to groom them up and to work hard so that the work of God is advanced.

Anti Terrorism Statement: Our organization doesn't support, employ or deal with individuals or organizations that are known or suspected to support terrorism


Living Hope Orphan's School

Women of Vision Tailoring Project

Living Hope Medical Centre

Living Hope Secondary School yet to start.

Others; Youth and Men's Projects.


Living Hope Orphan's school is located in an area that's predominantly Muslim and typically slum area. It is a project that grew out of Gospel of life church with Pastor Christopher Nkuusi as the senior Pastor. After a while, he saw the need of the community with such great numbers of children who would often come to church just to hang out there. It was then that he decided to carry out a purposed research which revealed that most of these children were either abandoned or orphaned with both parents who some died of AIDS and others are on step families. After Living Hope was started, there was a big number of children that came from extremely needy families, many times looked after by extended family members or family friends. There were particular cases where kids were looked after by old grandmother!. Having lost his father, Pastor Chris was overwhelmed by compassion, and that how Living Hope was birthed. Initially it was not easy but he approached the civic leaders to find out whether they had any plans for these children but all they said was that they had absolutely no plans for this problem. In 2000, Pastor Chris decided to start the school with 20 children because his main focus was their education. He reasoned that if they could at least read, write and at least have something to eat, then that would be a good start for them in the future.

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