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Institute of Biblical &Theological Studies(IBATS)

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The Institute of Biblical & Theological Studies (IBATS) is an Interdenominational Bible College with the Vision to help Train & Equip Grassroots Christian Leadership in Cameroon and Worldwide for a successful Bible-based Ministry. In association with Evangelical Bible College of Western Australia and Harvestime International Network USA, including other major Bible Colleges and Universities in Africa, Europe and America, sound Biblical resources are offered for students of the Bible, independent of race, gender or denomination. These resources are available in books and CD sent to a postal address and for download on-line.

We also offer students the opportunity to complete training in a number of Bible College courses. Students must first complete the Certificate of Theology, then may proceed to complete a Certificate in Biblical Studies and/or a Certificate in Pastoral Theology. Completion of all three Certificates qualifies students to be awarded a Diploma in Theology. Other Courses offered include: Certificate & Diploma in Biblical Counseling, Evangelism & Missions, Christian Education and Christian Leadership. There is also a possibility for transfer of Credits for further Studies for BA, MA, and PHD Degree Courses.

The courses are offered by Correspondence through email and where the student does not have access to email or a computer, it is possible to undertake the course using normal postal mail.

There is an opportunity to use the material to make your own Church a Bible College, thus making "Every Local Church A Bible College". Here, the Markers of the course teach and mark the Assignments for students in a face to face situation and Markers or Mentors keep contact with the EBCWA or Harvestime, advising on student progress on a regular basis and arranging for the issuing of the required Certificates.


The College has three objectives in offering the course:

1. To produce Christian Workers who minister in their own local Church. The local Church is the base of all Christian growth, outreach and endeavour. All students must continue attendance and ministry in their local Church.

2. To produce students who know and apply the Word of God to their lives - Christian growth comes as the believer, under the ministry of the Holy Spirit, applies the truth of God's Word to their daily life experience.

3. To produce Pastoral students who are thoroughly grounded in the skills needed for a successful Bible-based ministry. These skills would include: Evangelism of the lost, Systematic teaching of the saved, Church Planting and Biblical counseling and encouragement of the sick, grieving and depressed with the true comfort that comes from the Word of God etc.


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