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We are a Christian non-denominational fellowship. Called the:- GOOD NEWS FELLOWSHIP, Founded in 2003 by Evangelist Dave Burrus from England, he has now set up his home and the head office of GNF in the Philippine Islands, so to be near the mission fields. Our mission is not only to spread the good news but to help those in need in these very poor countries. We choose to be non- denominational because many denominations disagree with one another and we don't want any part of that. There maybe hundreds of different denominations but only one God. We believe that in Christ all people are one - and therefore wherever you come from and whatever background you have, we make everyone welcome.
Evangelist Dave Burrus had a vision, in that vision was a message from God to reach out to the remote parts of the world with the Good News about Jesus Christ, also to reach out to help the very poor and needy in India and other parts of Asia. To fulfill this vision seek support from others.
We are an integrated fellowship, which basically means that we welcome people to our fellowship from all different nationalities and all social backgrounds and cultures. It do not matter what church you go to, what denomination you belong to, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Be a part of saving lives by supporting us please. We welcome your gifts what ever size, and each and every one is a blessing.

Please be a part of this caring fellowship.


That In this day and age, there are millions of people in the Third World that still never have the opportunity to go to school, these people struggle to survive and live in dire poverty. They are caught in this poverty trap all their lives. Millions can't read or write.

That In this day and age, hundreds of thousands of children from the age of 3 years old roam the streets without homes or families. It is a matter of Monumental shame that, of the 38 million street-children worldwide 23 million are in Asia. They are leading a wretched life, ill clad and hungry, sleeping on pavements. They are begging or allowing themselves to be exploited in different trades, like working on roads, picking rags or working in the fields, or in some cases exploited in far worse trades than these.

LEPROSY Leprosy has been around since 300 B.C. There are thousands of people in India with leprosy or have had it and left disfigured. In a few parts of the world leprosy is still a problem; much of it is to do with the very poor quality of life that some parts of the world have to endure. In many cases in India, people have suffered badly because they could not afford treatment in the early stages. Like many poor countries if you want treatment for any illness you need money.
FORGOTTEN PEOPLE Leprosy victims in a large number of government-run colonies have been long forgotten and have abandoned hope of real life. They have become victims of the most desperate of poverty unimaginable to mankind. For some, the only hope they have to stop this suffering is death, but then, they may wonder, what will come next? They have no hope of any way to escape this fate, this path, this suffering, this curse they feel they have been under...since the dreadful day they learned that they had leprosy. Here is a story that can no longer be left untold because in this distant place on the other side of the world. These people are real, thinking and breathing human beings, victims of leprosy, that have suffered a life that words can not even describe, terrifying and unspeakable...
That thousands of children die from diarrhea, malaria and other diseases in Asia every year. Drinking water is such a big problem. There are millions of families with impure water. Much more work has to be done.

EVANGELISING Just over 2,000 years ago, Jesus told us to go into ALL the world and spread the GOOD NEWS. Yet 2,000 years on there are still around THREE BILLION people in the world that have never heard about Jesus Christ.

That in this day and age millions of people have to live in mud, straw or bamboo huts in Asia and beyond. Millions with no homes just building a shelter where some kind land owner will allow them to stay for a while.

That of the 31,000 children under 5 who dies each day in developing countries, about half die from causes related to hunger. That's one child dying for every breath we take.

More than 828 million people in developing countries around the world go hungry. They have to survive on fewer calories than their bodies require. They can't live healthful or active lives, and are highly vulnerable to disease and death.


That the World Bank estimates that 1.3 billion people - 20% of the human race - live in "absolute poverty". They survive on less than $1 per day and are too poor to afford an adequate diet and other necessities.

In Asia alone there are thousands of people dying or left disabled because they have no money for hospital fees or for medicine and tablets. And for some, not even the money to get to the hospital, which can be one or two hours away from where they live.


Please support us to help these poor people,

But if someone who is supposed to be a Christian has money enough to live well, and sees a brother in need, and won't help him - how can God's love be within him? Little children, let us stop just saying we love people: let us really love them, and show it by our actions John 3 v 17-18

We sponsor a number of children in Asia to receive free education. We have our own schools in India where we give free education to working children of all ages. We send some on to collage. We take children off the streets and find them loving homes, we have our own orphanage in India caring for 28 homeless children. We help many leper families in India to have a little better quality life. We have food banks where we help the sick, the old and frail and the very poor. We help with medical aid and clean drinking water where we can. Plus we go and evangelise to the un-reached in the very remote villages of India. find out more email us

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