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P.O BOX AO 380,, ABOSSEY OKAI, • ACCRA,, GREATER ACCRA REGION 233 • Ghana • +233244172441,+233242556131/see/charmin/CM09870

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Dearly Beloved In such a time as this the Lord is searching for a willing hand & heart He can use as a channel of blessing and support base for the work of the Ministry!!. And if He finds one,anything is possibl.For He needs is just a willing hand & heart!!.WILL YOU BE READY TO THAT HE IS LOOKING FOR?. Belove,if you believe you can be that HELPING HAND WITH A HEART,get in touch with me today via e-mail or Telephone,and join me in agreement with God,to for fulfill His divine plan and purpose for the now.As we preach,teach,lay hands on the sick for healing,cast out devils and proclaim the saving Gosple of our Lord Jesus Christ through out the nations of the Earth,today,for there no time to waste.God bless you as you join me in this LIFE CHANGING PROJECTS(Amen)


Dearly Beloved, Is God calling you? Do you desire the office of a Bishop? Do you desire Ordination or ministerial Credential? Do you desire missionary trip to Ghana? Then get in touch with me today and lets prayerfully decide when you wish to fulfill these,for Dayspring Ministries will provide you the help and answer you need in these area!!

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