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New Generation Church of God in Christ. inc

25S Madison Ave, • Spring valley, NY 10977 • United States • 845-425-2557/see/charmin/CM09868

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Help Save the children in Haiti

This year the New generation Church of God in have taking a new extention in Haiti by establishing a school for 357 kids that they parents are not able to send them to school. we are greatful to God for His blessing for those children and also started a New Generation Church of God in Christ in Haiti to preach the good news of salvation to tose that are lost and to educate, helping in spiritual, social, physical way. if anyone like to help please make a contribution to New generation Church of God and specified for the haitian children thank you for your generoisty

If you love me take care of my people says Jesus

Give away your life; you'll find life given back wiyh bonus and blessing.Let's see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out others--Hebrews10:24. I hope to hear from you I want to put my hands into your hands,and work with you for the advancement of the kingdom of God. how good and pleasant it is for the brothers to be together in Jesus. may the good Lord in heaven keep you bless you always. Rev. Paul C. Eliezer. pastor

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