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Women Of Faith Prayer Network

c/o 157 Akai Efa off MCC Road,Calabar, • CALABAR, CROSS RIVER 54001 • Nigeria • +2348037109340/see/charmin/CM09862

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A. Provide spiritual direction, guidance, development, education and empowerment of women for the kingdom word.

B. To raise an end-time army of women who are not only united in prayers but are committed to making the end-time global harvest a reality.

C. See women taking their position in Christ the way God ordained it from the beginning of creation. A women without limits.


Our Mandate is to:

1.Training and equip women in the undiluted word of God and in the skill of prayers.

2.Raise women whose faith will be in God and his word so that they can create things out of nothing with the spoken word.

3.Create a forum for communion and fellowship of women of common beliefs in the gospel of Jesus Christ, for miracles, deliverances, breakthrough, breaking of covenants and curses and soul salvation.

4.Provide networking opportunities with individuals, groups and organizations.

5.Raise a generation of praying mothers who will cover their children and schools with prayers.

6.Provide a covering and solace for single parents (viz widows, single mothers divorced, separated mothers)

7.Provide a faith based non governmental organization for the rehabilitation, restoration and integration of women as functional citizens of their country.

8.Promote a greater awareness of global, national and personal spiritual warfare.

9.Provide an avenue for women to share dreams, revelation, testimonies, ideas and a forum for Christian counseling.

10.Teach young women how to keep themselves through the undiluted word of God and also prepare them for Marriage.

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