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prayer request

Dear servant of our Living God, 

The God's love our Father, the Jesus Christ's grace our Lord and the 
Holy Spirit's communion be with you. 

I'm pastor Elie Claude MUSANGO, coordinator founder of the Ministry of 
Evangelisation Agnus Dei, MEAD as referred, a Ministry head quartered in 
Goma city/DR Congo, operating in the Eastern part of the DRC, more 
especially in the North and South-kivu provinces, in great lakes region. 

Our goals are: 

-To Make disciples of Christ according to the great commission let by 
our Lord Jesus Christ in Matth 28:18-20 to His church. 

-To plant and multiply churches as the MEAD is also a church planting 
movement basing its purpose from 2Timothy 2:2. 

-To take care to the deprived people more particularly the Orphan 
children, wounded soldiers and widows. 

-To promote peace and reconciliation within different communities 

-To train people with Gospel of Christ. 

-Our achievement: 

Being in existence since 2002,the MEAD has already: 

-Made almost many disciples around goma city, bukavu city, Uvira city 
and around some villages . 

-Planted many cell churches in the above areas given. 

-Framed many children, widows and wounded soldiers. 

-Trained many leaders 

-Distributed a lot of Gospel tracts and some bibles according to our 
limited means. 

-Moved Jesus Films and God's answers to HIV/AIDS around the same 
-To reach people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the EVANGECUBE 
Our Ministries: 

According to the MEAD's current program, we have: 

-2children Ministries in goma,1in bukavu and 1 in uvira. 
-1widows ministry in goma 
-1wounded soldiers ministry in goma 
-1 youth ministry in goma 

Therefore, we have recorded a CD on some of this work (children ministry activities, wounded soldiers ministry activities and widows ministry activities) which is
available in our office. 
If you would like to receive 1 copy of it, please let us know and then 
send to us your PO BOX address. 

So then, dear servant of God by this I would like to request near to 
you a facilitation to find for us any Christian organisation or person of good volunteer who could 
support this work whether possible for the glory of our Lord Jesus 

May God bless you and bless His church. 

In His service yours, 

Pastor Elie Claude MUSANGO. 

Langue: French, english and Swahili 

phone number:+243 997 1219 57

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