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Advocacy Forum

P-722, St #5, Warrispura, Peoples Colony • Faisalabad, Punjab 092-041 • Pakistan • 092-0322-6071914/see/charmin/CM09846

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It is a Christian based forum of advocacy and legal support to Christian prisoners and their families in Pakistan. Advocacy Forum is a voice against the law which is known as 295-C (Blasphemy law) and other black Laws against Christians in Pakistan. Many biased and ill legal cases were registered against Christian in Pakistan and in those cases justice was denied and many Christian people are still in jailed because they are Christians. And they have no legal support from any side not from Churches, NGO and other organizations in Pakistan.
As the Christian prisoners had no proper legal advocacy and care of their families, Advocacy Forum stood up to help them in real manners. With the passage of time people from different walks of life like Lawyers, Teachers, students & social worker gathered on one plate form which is Advocacy forum who are committed to provide moral, legal and financial support to victims and their families. 
Our Mission. 
Our mission is to help the Christian victims and their families in Pakistan and fulfill the commandment of Jesus Christ as " ". 
What We do.
Our method of working is to not only provide legal and moral assistance to prisoners but also provide financial support to the Victims family.
Following is the detail:-
1. Pastoral support 
2. Prayer 
3. Practical aid. 
4. Legal assistance


We believe on practical implementations of activities not hollow slogans. And in this connection we have done workshops on community level to raise the awareness of human freedom in the society especially the sympathy towards Christians who are in jail due to black laws.
We are committed:-
To provide financial support to victims families.
To provide financial assistance to the victims children regarding their Education, Clothing, nutrition.
To distribute the Books and Bibles among the literate Prisoners.
To arrange pastoral support to the prisoners in Jail.


We have excellent collaboration with other organization working in our community. Our working net is spreading all over the country especially in remote areas of Pakistan where Christians are living in very poor conditions.
Contact Person:- 
Mr. Zafar Iqbal
Postal Address: House #-P-722, Street No.5 Warris pura Faisalabad Pakistan.
Cell: 092-0322-6071914
We are very pleased to introduce our self as organization which is working for the Christian prisoners in Pakistan.

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