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We are a Teenage Girls' Christian Program.

Empowered, Daughters of Today transformed Mothers of Tomorrow.

To promote Christian values, enhance self confidence and empowerment among teenage girls so as to improve their 
Socio-economic welfare and status.

DOZs four - pillar foundation approach to prevention.
Life skills, Services and a protective social, legal and political environment, Increases the chances of success. 

DOZ- Is a part of the body of Christ, representing Daughters of today, and Mothers of tomorrow. 
Organizational Statement of Faith

The Lausanne Covenant is the document that the DOZ, has chosen as their statement of faith. At its most basic elements, 
DOZ believes that the remedy for each person's sinful alienation from God is the application of the vicarious, 
substitutionary work of Jesus Christ, appropriated by faith alone. Because of our salvation, we seek to serve the young / teen 
girls in our communities that they might see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven. Evangelism is 
accomplished through word and deed as in Jesus' ministry.

OUR VALUES: We are Christians:-
We value young people, especially the girl child, are committed to prayer and Excellency; believe in purity; above all 
we believe in an abstinent lifestyle 

We believe in purity and hence, choose to keep away from the defilement of the world.


-To meet the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social needs of teenage girls.
-To help teenage girls build a foundation of principles that will be their life long guide to successful living, instill 
a culture of self dignity and integrity
-To help teenage girls discover their abilities and self worth so as to lead a purpose driven life. 
-To build the capacity and to lobby for the rights of teenage girls .
-To empower teenage girls with life skills to enable them to make correct decisions and survive independently.
-To create hope among those teenage girls who have lost hope.
-To raise peer educators from amongst teenage girls.
-To sensitize teenage girls on issues of reproductive health i.e Sexually Transmitted Infections especially HIV/ AIDS, 
Early Pregnancies
-Promote ABSTINENCE amongst teenage girls.


DAUGHTERS OF ZION (DOZ) Teenage Girls Ministries started in the year 2004 as a Christian inter-denominational program 
reaching out to support Adolescent / Teenage Girls, through our core objectives of provision of basic Reproductive health 
messages, sensitization on HIV/AIDS prevention and care and provision of Peer education on various topics to meet Teenage 
Girls? or adolescent girls needs as well as build their Esteem, for behavioral change and advocacy. A Rights-based 
approach is also being adopted to address HIV/AIDS and its effects on teen girls and other girl child rights in relation to 
education, sexual abuse, early and forced marriages, etc. 

Create awareness: DOZ realizes that young people remain alarmingly uninformed about the most basic facts about HIV and 
prevention. Sexual activity, the main route of transmission of HIV, begins in adolescence for the majority of people. Yet 
young people remain alarmingly uninformed about the most basic facts about HIV and prevention. 

Establishment of healthy behavioral patterns: - This is much easier during adolescence than changing risky behavior 
later on. Establishing healthy behavioral patterns during adolescence is much easier than changing risky behavior later on. 
Fight stigma and discrimination One way DOZ does this is by encouraging HIV-positive youth to share their experiences. 
By speaking out, young people can put a human face on the disease and help show society ? and especially their peers ? 
that HIV can afflict anyone.
Which remain potent barriers to testing, counseling and treatment. It is our responsibility to create an environment in 
which young people can talk openly about the issues concerning them. They have the right to know the facts about 

Carry out School Outreach programs, Anti-Aids clubs: - Schools are the hub for such prevention lessons. Education 
represents the best opportunity not only for delivering crucial information on HIV/AIDS, but also for chipping away at the 
ignorance and fear that perpetuate stigma and discrimination. An effective strategy for preventing HIV/AIDS among youths 
is through school outreach programs as carried out by DOZ.

Offer Non-formal sensitization programs: and the dissemination of life-saving information through other channels, 
including radio to have abstinence messages reaches out to the entire community. 
Involve local and religious leaders: Who are the most important sources of information on HIV/AIDS, since they are 
generally trusted and looked up to by youths.

Conduct Life skills trainings: Even when young people have the information they need, it is often not enough to make 
them act. They also need to develop ?life skills? ? the attitudes and negotiating capacity to put what they know into 
practice and to make informed choices about sex, drugs and other issues. 
Through net working and partnerships, DOZ refers teens for affordable youth-friendly health services that are 
sensitive to gender issues and provide voluntary and confidential HIV testing and counseling, and treatment for other sexually 
transmitted infections.
We Create a protective environment involving breaking the silence that undermines prevention efforts. Other important 
factors include establishing 'connectedness' between adults and children, and the establishment of boundaries to guide 
young people. These factors reduce risk while building the skills and confidence young people need.

Raise PEER Educators: With the right skills and knowledge, young people can have a positive influence on their peers. 
And because they speak the same language and share the same experience, young people are likely to speak more freely and 
openly among themselves. Dedicated young people around the world are proving everyday that they are up to the challenge.

Open air Crusades: We believe that young people are the greatest opportunity to defeat HIV/AIDS. An effective way to 
reach adolescents is to help them play an active role in prevention campaigns. Involving young people in prevention efforts 
not only educates them about HIV, but also gives them a sense of responsibility and pride.
We engage the teens in Edu-tainment programs.

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