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orphans' homes

God sets the solitary in homes. African communities have been devasted by the hiv/aids scourge making many victims and vulnerable. the epidemic has left multiple millions of children homeless and destitute. while this should cause many to wail, it's an opportunity for the church to arise and light her light shine through nursing the woulds of the wounded, dressing the naked, feeding the hungry and giving parental love and guidance to the fatherless. father's divine love ministries' passion is to potray God as Father to the Fatherless and defender of widows.

evangelism and discipleship

It has been commented that the church in Africa is a kilometer long and wide but only a foot deep! some of Africa's nations are rated among the most Christianized nations on earth where some of the most remarkable revivals have taken place. The same nations have also exhibited the most remarkable genocides where even clergy members are reported to have participated in handing over members of their flocks to perpetrators due to tribal differences. Father's divine Love Ministries has taken the passion to another level of discipleship through the inductive approach to scripture. we affirm that man lives after the God he serves. your lifestyle is a result of your belief system. let's restore dignity through transforming the way we think. (rom 12:1-2)

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