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Shalom Retreat Center

Rev & Mrs. Jonah Kwotua, P.O. Box 41 • Paga,, Upper-East Region Ghana Post code • Ghana • +233-246-281487/see/charmin/CM09819

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Vison Statement

Shalom Retreat Center is a proposed vision of Jonah and Keziah Kwotua born out of the personal experience of a painful effort to grow and develop spiritually. From different backgrounds and brought together in Christian marriage, they both felt the need to locate a quiet but peaceful and conducive environment where Christians and Ministers of God can retreat occasionally to draw from God, the needed strength to carry on in the Christian race and ministry. While Jonah should thank God for ministries like the Scripture Union, Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation, the Christian Outreach Fellowship, the Youth Department of the Assemblies of God, Ghana and his local Church, the Ambassador Assemblies of God, his wife Keziah draws her vision for this project from the struggles she experienced with her family, when her father, Chief Abraham Lincoln Nasigre Bayelim-Kambey faced persecution from some clans for being the first Christian Chief from the Talensi/Nabdam area. 

A center like Shalom Retreat center will therefore be a great asset to many as the search for the Lord to give them renewed strength and also patronize other programs there.

Purpose for the Shalom Retreat Center

As indicated above, Shalom will be of great service to many believers in the Lord in the Kasena/Nankana District as well as the Upper-East Region of Ghana, where Retreat Centers are limited, and in high demand. By God's Grace, the applicants have a four (4)plot of land, situated at Pungu Wusungu (3Kilometers) away from Navrongo town. Navrongo is the District capital of the Kassena/Nankana District; and with which they seek partnership with benevolent individuals and groups with like vision, and who are touched by the Lord to see to the realization of their vision.

Shalom Retreat Center will by God's grace be fashioned to accommodate between fifty (50) to sixty (60) people for conferences in Christian interests. Issues concerning societal problems like the HIV/AIDS scare as well as seminars to sensitize communities to accommodate People Living with HIV and other poverty Alleviation Courses will be central to the Center.

How can you help?
1. Pray with Jonah and Keziah for a fulfillment of their vision of getting this center of "Spiritual Excellence" in the Kasena/Nankana District of the Upper-East Region in Northern Ghana, one of the very deprived areas.
2. Pray about partnership with us in the accomplishment of the vision.
3. Send us encouraging e-mails to keep in focus.

Thank you, and God bless you. If you need to know more about Shalom Retreat Center, send us e-mail today.

Jonah & Keziah Kwotua

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Shalom Retreat Center

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