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Rejoice Our Place Messianic Prayer Praise Worship

4164 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Suite 118 • Colorado Springs, CO 80918 • United States • 719-886-3139/see/charmin/CM09802

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ReachTeach Heal / Reveal Jesus Christ as Love

Our Main Purpose is to teach, reach, heal, and reveal Jesus Christ from within as Love,as the Word of God, as Our Messiah and as Our Lord and Saviour so that Christ Jesus is birthed inside each person, tranforming her or him into a new creature in Christ Jesus. We seek to perform charitable ministry to those in need as the Lord provides for us to do so. The greatest gift we can give to any one is to reveal Jesus Christ as Love, as Our Messiah, as the Word of God and as our Lord and Saviour. Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God of Abraham Isaac and Israel. The Hebrew for Jesus Christ is Yeshua HaMashiach. We seek to bring Christians who desire it into a knowledge of their Messianic Hebrew Roots as contained in the scriptures. The Old Testament and The New Testament rightly divided go together hand in hand. We study the Word of God with Hebrew Eyes and with Hebrew Lenses. We also study the Hebrew Language and other languages of the Bible. Torah and HafTorah is Hebrew for Old Testament Portions of scripture. Brit Hadashah is Hebrew for New Testament portions of scripture. Contact us for updates on Our Praise and Worship Services times. Our Classes are contained within Our School of the Prophets. If you desire to learn you are welcome to attend. All are welcome to attend any event or class. Please call, write or e-mail for books,tapes, study materials, teacher materials for your own congregation, special events or class schedules and locations of Winter 2007/ Bible Classes, Ministry Classes, Torah studies, Haftorah Studies, and BritHadashah studies or for information on our Ministry of Love and Charity....or check back with this website for more detailed information

Our History

Our Founder Evangelist Wendy Allen was first Licensed and Ordained as an Evangelist/Teacher by Bishop R L Mitchell at The Old Landmark Church of God Holiness in Christ in 1980. She worked in churhes and in independent non denominational evangelistic ministry for many years. She was always destined at the appointed time to work in the ministry office of Prophetess/Teacher. In 1999, The Lord called her to learn more of Jesus Christ through independent Christian study and through Messianic Hebrew Jewish teachings with several Messianic Rabbis'. When the Lord Jesus Christ was revealed on the inside of her she was then led of the Lord Jesus Christ to reach out to help others receive this revelation of Jesus Christ as Love and as Messiah. "Rejoice at Our Place of Messianic Prayer Praise and Worship" and "The School of the Prophets" was birthed out of the Founders heart and soul almost 4 years ago, when she saw the need for Christians to find and have their "Own Place" to learn Jesus Christ, to experience the Holy Ghost, to study the Word of God, study The Old Covenant and The New or Renewed Covenant in Torah, HafTorah and BritHadashah and to identify and embrace their Hebrew roots, to study Jewish History, the early Church and Church history. Our prayer is that we not only stand in the Gap in intercessory prayer but that our ministry will be a God connection for Jews and Christians and for who so ever will let them come.

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