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Calvary Praise Ministries Inc.

P. O. Box 36, Logan Town • 1000 Monrovia 10, Bushrod Island 00231 • Liberia • 00233277487142/see/charmin/CM09796

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The Calvary Praise Ministries was founded by Pastor Frank K. Cooper, Sr about few years ago. The Ministries has a young church, the Calvary Praise Sanctuary, which is presently about 100 members. The Church is the only main functioning body of the Ministries at the moment.
The call of God was that we should raise up a people for Him to show forth His Praise for the finished work He has done on Calvary, and through the 14-year civil war that our country has suffered. Thus the name Calvary Praise Ministries.


We believe God that you will join hands with us in achieving this onerous, but honorable task that the Lord has given to us. Our Most Current need is materials for our Bible School and our children Library, the EASY LEARNING LIBRARY.
Illiteracy and ignorance is partly responsible for the civil crises in our country and we at the Sanctuary believe that if we can give sound Christian education to the future generation, our nation Liberia will be lifted from the ashes of and stigma of war. We solicit books, sound equipment and literature for our work. God richly bless you as you give towards this Work.

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