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Barnabas Faith Missions International Inc.

39-C Scout Reyes Street,, Roxas District, • Quezon City, Metro Manila 1103 • Philippines • +632-4163920/see/charmin/CM09781

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Our VISION and Purpose Statements:

A "movement empowering small, indigenous, evangelical churches to effectively reach out and transform their indigenous, disadvantage communities in the Philippines, then in East Asia, and beyond." We are committed to "help small, indigenous, evangelical churches fulfil the Great Commission to reach out and transform the lives of people from indigenous,disadvantage communities in the Philippines, then in East Asia,and beyond through creative evangelism, wholistic education, missions and leadership training."

HISTORY of the Mission Organization:

Barnabas Faith Missions International,Inc. started out of the strong desire of Rev.Manuel Rodica Torio to help the needy, small, indigenous, evangelical churches in far away rural towns in the provinces of Northern Luzon, Mindoro, and Marinduque of the Philippines and in East Asia. While pursuing a Master of Divinity degree at International School of Theology-Asia (ISOT-Asia) for four years, the concept of a mission organization was born. With the help of his two equally Great Commission dedicated pastor-friends, Rev. Noel D. Alberto and Rev. Wilfredo S. Dingle, they joined forces with other lay ministers to organized and worked out the creation of the mission organization this year 2006. All the members of the Board of Directors are committed to help make our vision for this ministry came to reality. This commitment and dreams would only be possible under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the mercy of God the Father in heaven, the Author of the Great Commission. NAMES of the Board of Trustees: Rev. Manuel Rodica Torio (BTh, MDiv,TESL, missionary-educator,Bible teacher), Chairman and Chief Executive Director; Rev. Wilfredo S. Dingle (BSM, MDiv, pastor-educator, church planter, Bible teacher), Vice-Chairman and Director for Operations; Mr. Reynaldo E. Llorin (BSPsycho, ESL teacher, Church elder), Corporate Secretary; Mr. June Lawrence Roxas (BsCOE, commercial model/TV talent and stage actor, missionary, Church elder), Chief Finance Director; Mrs. Ma. Cristina M. Torio (BSEEd, professional elementary teacher, Sunday School Director, missionary-educator,housewife), Corporate Internal Auditor; Rev. Noel D. Alberto (BSEE, MDiv, evangelist, pastor-teacher, Bible School and Ministry Director), Director for the Institute of Evangelism and Missions; Mrs. Elizabeth Roxas (businesswoman, Sunday School teacher and missionary), Director for Special Ministry Events and Mobilization; Mrs. Moboyana Santa Ana (BSBA, MPA, Technical Assistant to the Senior Vice-President and Corporate Secretary of Phil.SSS, Church Treasurer and Choir Director) , Director for Church Development.

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