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Minority Outreach Mission

No. 33 (A) Nam San Road, Block (5), • Lashio, Northern Shan State non • Burma • +95-82-2921093, +95-9456267510http:///see/charmin/CM09684

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Orphanage Care Ministry

Orphanage Care Ministry is especially for the remote area, those who are in hopeless situation and helpless condition. The Mission is aim to build up the serffering people through Gospel, Education and Social Communication. For the northern part of Shan State in Burma is in great need of Gospel, Educaton and Social Communication. Recently we are taking care of 30+ orphans at the orphanage, some children are come from refugee camps as they flee from fighting area, still some children come from drug addicted parents, as their do not care of their food and living, the children come to orphanage to take refuge.
Therefore, we trust in God to lead us to help these needy people through our commitment to extent His Glorious Kingdom.

Lisu Native Mission and Cross Culture Mission

Now we are doing Gospel outreach, Short term Training program around Myanmar ( Burma) and China Boarder area. We need many fellow workers to work together.  We are also running a Training Center to equip the young people for Native Mission and Cross Culture Mission. Therefore, we do believe you may also love the souls of the Lost around our Country. Please remember us in your prayer and also joining together to bring the Gospel to all nations till the end of the world.

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