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Drs. David Mary Sue Davis

9603 Blue Spruce Dr., • Lakeland, TN 38002 • United States • 901-377-0926/see/charmin/CM09672

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Drs. David & Mary Sue Davis are retired from secular jobs. They are former deans and professors at Jacksonville Theological Seminary for 9 years. They have Bachelor's and Masters Degree in Education & Business, a Masters Degree in Sociology, and Doctorate Degrees in Theology and Biblical Studies. They are Directors of Adult Biblical Studies at Agape Fellowship Church and Deans of the School of Ministry with an online ministry, Firestorm International. They are teachers and a prophets traveling to churches of all faiths and cultural backgrounds helping the Body to become one in Christ. Their vision is two-fold: (1) bringing ministers together to work within the kingdom of God with common vision of purpose and destiny; (2) bringing the Body of Christ into the release of the rich deposit which dwells within, causing them to recognize and walk in their calling and fulfill their destiny and purpose. It is their desire to train passionate saints, who yearn to walk in the character and power of Christ, to pursue the presence of God - whether they minister in the church or in the world - so that they may be the salt and the light that God created them to be.


Please call or email to schedule them to speak at your church. They also do seminars training the saints for the work of the ministry.

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