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Bible-wise Media Ministries

7767, • NAIBOBI, NAIROBI 00300 • Kenya • +254 721 241 240/see/charmin/CM09648

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This ministry was started back in 2000 by its founder, Ashford 
Kariuki. It started as an in house publishing house of Christian 
Literature. Its operation entails street evangelism and literature
Distribution on a busy street in the city center in the Kenyan 
Capital, Nairobi.
Street outreach is a tremendous medium of distributing Christian 
Literature and a way of doing one -on -one personal evangelism. 
I have witnessed lives changed and totally transformed by our outreach mission.


The vision of Bible -wise Media Ministries is to reach out 
to the world especially in Kenya and East African region both in 
Electronic media, print and audio visual.
My passionate desire is to reach out to the un reached communities 
in Kenya. Many of these communities are illiterate and audio 
Messages both visual and audio will highly be an effective tool in 
Reaching out. They are predominantly rural and electricity is 
Scarce. These communities complise of the Masaai, Redille, 
Samburu, Turkana and Kuria. The need of Christian literature in the 
City and urban centers is great too. I have the burden to translate the
Devotional I write yearly into Swahili language. It's widely spoken besides English.
Here is a break-down of the ministries we want to start by 
August this year:


I do write an annual devotional guide in English. Its has a 
tremendous impact on many readers. Lives have been transformed in 
two years I have published and distributed it on the streets at 
A minimal charge. There is a need too to translate this devotional 
Into local languages.

Our ministry intends to start shooting and working on relevant 
Christian motion pictures which will be available for distribution 
for sale at affordable prices. The project will start this year when 
Funds are available to purchase the film - making equipments. The 
Titles will range from real life stories bible stories in real 
Life. I intend also to develop children movies and animation with 
Sound biblical backing.

Our ministry will commence on city wide outreach across the 
Nation with a five day crusade in the major cities and rural villages. 
To have a life changing impact on these crusades, I intend to have 
Training workshops for local pastors and evangelists to be 
powerful catalyst in their communities. Therefore a basic bible 
teaching and training will be an added advantage. A five day 
Training seminar will impact a great deal
. After every crusade 
there will be a launch of a new church that will nurture and 
disciple new converts. Our outreach will reach even the most remote 
Areas in Kenya and beyond.

I am appealing to all well -wishers in the body of Christ, brother 
and sisters in the Lord Jesus, churches, ministries and 
Individuals to support Bible -wise Media Outreach ministries in 
fulfilling the great commission. The ministry needs are many but 
I would request you to send your donation to make this ministry 
Kick off its operations by August this year.

We accept donations of every kind. We need equipments to start 
Some of the projects listed here in. These are some of the needs we 
Require in the ministry:

3 professional video cameras
Stage lighting equipment
12 box speakers
A keyboard
An electric guitar
A mixture
A Van / truck
A tent that can sit 500 people.

These are some of the most urgent things we need to start by 
August this year.
Donation of any kind is welcome. You can send your donation 
Or gifts to our ministry. EVERY DONATION or gift will be highly 
appreciated. You can donate send your donation in cash or send us any of the items 
listed above BY ANY COURIER. I will appreciate every gift with 
Lots of humility. You can send us equipments 
And office items listed above for the ministry .Your cash 
Donations are welcome too we need a financial support to kick 
-start our mission.

Bible-wise Media Ministries
DIRECTOR: Ashford Kariuki Ngugi
Family Bank,
Kenyatta Avenue Branch
Account Number:
12 134 362 303 455

May God richly bless you as you take a step of faith in sowing a 
Seed in this ministry. You will receive monthly updates of the 
ongoing outreaches around our country. I will be glad to hear from 
You. Your financial support and prayers are more precious than 
Silver and gold. I am requesting you to pray for this challenging 
Ministry and you will be blessed. Bless your heart! PEACE BE WITH 

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