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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION: 1.To establish Churches/Christian centers and carrying Church services to fulfill the spiritual needs of interested people in the ministry. 2)To establish orphanages and old-aged homes for widows and handicapped by providing free boarding and education irrespective of caste, community and creed. 3)To carry on social and cultural activities by conducting relief work, such as cyclone, famine and providing agricultural facilities was modern methods. 4)To conduct Gospel ministries, organizing Gospel Crusades, Distributing Gospel tracts and literature, magazines, audio/video cassettes etc., 5)To proclaim the Word of God, sending Gospel workers to each and every corner to conduct camps and crusades and outreach. And to offer prayers through prayer towers for those who are in need. 6)Establishment of Gospel training centers, Bible colleges, prayer halls, construction of buildings and organizing them for poor public. To arrange temporary homes for Children from broken homes, Children unattached workers, employed or under training and the like. 7)To receive funds either in kind or Coin from any other charitable organization or person for the development of the organization.

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