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Gary Clark Evangelistic Ministries

4026 Woodland Park Blvd, Apt. 110 • Arlington, TX 76013 • United States • 817-274-4850/see/charmin/CM09598

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Founder/ Evangelist/Singer

Rev. Gary Clark was born in Ennis, Texas, on April 19,1952. And ask Jesus to be the Lord of his life at age 20. On July 13,1997 he was licenses to the Ministry. He start a nursing home menistry with 1 nursing home each to preach at soon he was preaching in 3 nursing homes a week and preaching in churches. As time went on he felt God telling him to move his family to Arlington, Texas where his ministry grew from 3 nursing homes to preaching in 3 different homes a day 5 days a week for the last 2 weeks of the month, and 6 days a week the first 2 weeks of the month. On the Saturary's that he did not preach he did Gospel concerts. And he has don prison ministry since the early 1990's. Now he is the pastor of the Claremont Sunday Night Church, whitch he and his wife started 2 years ago. He still does Prison Ministry several months of the year. He also does Gospel Concerts. And teaches Bible studies. He studies PROPHECY and is avible to speak in churches and any where he can proclam the Word of God.

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