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Albert Kang International Ministries

516, Tkt. 4, Blok B, Palma Perak, No. 1 Jalan Cecawi 6/6, Kota Damansara • Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47810 • Malaysia • (603) 6156 7274/see/charmin/CM09537

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About Rev Albert Kang

Pastor Albert Kang has been in ministry since 1982 and has since planted 16 churches and 3 orphanages. One of his churches grew to over 1,700 in Sunday attendance within seven years. He spent six years in Cambodia and launched 3 orphanages. One of these orphanages now serves over 1,000 children. He is now a Church Growth consultant. He is especially interested in helping pastors of small churches to grow their ministries. He is willing to spend up to three months in a single project and work with the pastor to push the church to greater growth. During the course of his visit, he usually gets the pastor and church leaders to go through an evaluating process known as Force Field Analysis. He has also developed a cell system known as the Delta Cell System, which is more effective than the traditional cell systems. He has written a few Church Growth manuals and books. His latest book is "Tips and Hints on Church Planting". His articles have been published in Christian magazines, business journals and websites. He is married to Grace Ong, a leading nutritionist and author in Malaysia. Together, they operate Apple Heart Marketing Sdn Bhd and also conduct seminars on nutrition and organic topics. Today, Rev Albert serves as a Pastoral Advisor to High Praise Ministries, a growing church in Malaysia.

Power Evangelism & Church Growth

Rev Albert Kang has been invited by more than 100 churches in Asia to conduct Church Growth Seminar. Many struggling churches receive a new direction after the seminars. Churches literally doubled in size after applying God's principles of Church Growth within a twelve-month period. Rev Kang also conducts seminars and evangelistic rallies by using the End-Time Evangelistic model of The Elijah Challenge ministry ( This End Time Model involves the equipping of every "ordinary" believer or church - whether Evangelical or Charismatic - to heal the sick effectively and consistently. This is done in the very same way that Jesus Christ did to demonstrate to the world that He is the only way to the Father. This approach has been proven effective in bringing reconciliation and unity between Evangelical and Charismatic churches. This Power Evangelism that involves the "nameless and faceless" disciples of Christ is potentially instrumental in helping the Church fulfill the Great Commission. Rev Albert Kang is now in Kuala Lumpur and will be willing to share with any Church or Christian Groups the dynamic principles of Church Growth and Elijah Challenge. For further information of Rev Kang's ministry, please check these websites:( * ( * (

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