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Bollarapu Ministries of the Gospel

Santhi Nagar, # 77-18-7.Singh Nagar Pos, • VIJAYAWADA-52015, Andhra Pradesh, S.India. 520015 • India • +09392084008/see/charmin/CM09509

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Go ye into all the world.

"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel" is a command given by our Lord Jesus Christ.Since 1st century many missionaries have been sacrifyceing their lives by going out for the sake of gospel and laid their lives.Yet many missioaries needful and still lot of evangelical ministry awating .In india there are 90% are hindus.They are still under uncivilized condition.Many well to do people and learners are there,but they still stick up to their own customs.Regarding faith in God ,they beleive in idols and man made gods.There is much need to preach or present the gospel to these people.We need missionaries,We need people who have burden to save the lost.We need commited god's people who vision to win souls for Christ.There is lot field to work.I invite any Church Or organization to come and help us in the ministry to gloryfy god and for the extension of His kingdom.You can contact me immideatly if you feel that you are called for this great task and willing to obey the commandment of our Lord Jesus.Thank you. Contact me: Rev.Babu Benny Prabhakara Rao Bollarapu.E-mail: and phaone number is +093920 84008

There would be non to left behind with out hearing the gospel.As a commited christian and who is having zeal for Christ should take up the responsibility to p[reach the gospel and also we must have a plan that in all the nations how the gospel is being preached.Every denomination is having its own plan and doing the work of God.But it is not know how we are doing and whether we do not know in properly all the people in this world are getting the gospel or not. In my country many mission agencies are doing in the same manner.If any body or any mission agency contact me I will submit the plan how this gospel must be prese3nted to every person in India. I pray for this need of ruined churches and por christians are unable to re-construct them.Lot of money is being wasted in this world by our christians,If such people donate small amount great work will be done.

Thank you. Contact me: and mobile number is +09392 84008.

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