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Dear sirs

I have the honor to send you this demand to announce of our needs to support of our MISSION EVANGELIQUE DES APOTRES (EVANGELICAL MISSION OF THE APOSTLES) here in Senegal.

We believe by your spirit of love, compassion and generosity that you will consider our demand because of its importance which we seek you.

Our mission is evangelic and has several projects for sound supports of help(assistant) and development.

The helps for which we hope of you are as follows: - help(assistant) for the development of the rural works for the struggle against poverty. - construction of church to avoid the problems with the Moslems which chases away us every day of their houses, is possible that Senegal is a country in more than Muslem 95 %. - build a school educational Christian for the children abandoned for a better future in the Lord. - distribution of clothes and foods for the poor men so that the gospel of Jesus Christ passes easily among the Moslems. - create a training school concerning the wrestling against the wandering and the feminine and childish prostitution. In the hope in the name of Jesus Christ, please approve dear brothers in Christ without forgetting our most distinguished expressions.

God blesses you.

the amount of our project


The church is dependent. We have no sponsorship neither support from abroad.

We are an evangelical church. We make no distinction of race, and we believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We are anon politic church but we pray for nations, the entire world, the people and governments. We are devoted in social action, taking care of poors and abandoned children. We visit prisoners in jail, sick people in hospitals and we pray for them. The church projects - Construction of a church for more than 10, 000 members in the capital- DAKAR , -Construction of a house for abandoned children in a province of Senegal and also construction of a school based on a christian education for 3,500 children and adults, - Construction of a big hospital for the care of sick people without any support. -Buying a land of more than 20 hectares for rural activities. In order to develop farming in the context of the fight against poverty with the rearing of poultries and sheeps. The church MISSION EVANGELIQUE DES APOTRES has among him experimented people to lead and bring this plan to success. We count on your wisdom and your understanding. We wish a favourable answer from you. May God Bless You! Please you can also tell us what you can do. please I also speak french more than english

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