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Programmes: Anti-Poverty

DEPTRAD works in the areas of anti-poverty with single female parents using backyard agriculture projects as means for sustainable livelihoods. Secondly in the area of a youth HIV/AIDS prevention education project targeting schools ,youth clubs etc. Deptrad works in community development and reconstruction.

DEPTRAD comprises of an administration that is elected annually by the entire membership of the Fruits of Calvary Assembly Of God Church.The team comprises of volunteers and professionals in various disciplines. The project reports the the administrative bosrd of the church,the district Presbyter and the Regional Ministers Fellowship. Then there is the national ministers conference where all reports are submitted.All support can be channelled to the Finance coordinator Deptrad ;

Disaster preparedness and responce

DEPTRAD is part of the Regional Disaster Preparedness Committe.The volunteer coordinator of DEPTRAD is the volunteer consultant on this project.The project aims to establish a disaster plan for the Region as there is none presently. All support and querries can be directed to the following email address:

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