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Solution Vessel is a Bible-based, Holy Ghost inspired Christian Ministry that has been changing many lives for good. Solution Vessel has been raised and commissioned to provide spiritual solution to the many problems which the church and individuals are going through in 21st century.

It is no more a news that the devil has brought plagues, afflictions, curses, yokes, and burdens to many communities, families and into the lives of many people. Many are suffering from different types demon-induced sicknesses which only knowledge and the power of the Almighty God can heal. Some, are passing through some trials and inexplicable situations that human mind cannot comprehend, let alone proffer solution.

It bleeds the heart of this Vessel that millions of people are being manipulated, oppressed and dominated by the powers of darkness. Many are lying critically ill in Hospitals and homes. The enemies have made it absolutely impossible for couples to achieve pregnancy and have their own children. There are those whose potentials have been paralyzed by the power of ignorance. A great multitude has had their minds and eyes blocked and blind-folded so that the light of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will not shine in their hearts.


,, Establishing the counsel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the world.


,, To uproot and pull down the strongholds of the devil

,, To destroy and overthrow the counsel of the enemies

,, To frustrate the works of the Kingdom of darkness in the lives of individuals, homes, families and communities;

,, To set at liberty the captives and the oppressed

,, To heal the sick

,, To open the eyes of my brethren through the preaching of the word of God and them darkness to light;

,, Waking up men who are sleeping in Zion

,, To prepare Gods people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up;

,, To raise warriors of righteousness

,, To teach and empower men on how to fulfill their God-given dream;

,, To bring solution into the lives of people through the word of God and demonstration of the supernatural power of God;

,, To re-write the handwriting of the devil in the lives of people;

,, To establish the whole counsel of God in the lives of men and in every situation

By the grace of God, the above assignments are being accomplished in the lives of people through the following:

a) Intensive, aggressive and effectual prayer;

b) Intensive preaching and teaching the undiluted word of God;

c) Powerful prophetic utterances

d) Ministering Deliverance

e) The demonstration of the supernatural power of God.

We can be contacted for the following:

1) Church Ministration

2) Seminars

3) Crusades

4) Conferences

5) Training/workshops

6) Family and communities liberation

Note: Jesus Christ is the solution that the world need

Come unto me, ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give rest : Matthew 11:28

Contact Address

19A Araromi Street,
Ogudu V Ojota,

Phone: 0802-724-9000;   0803-211-5555;  0805-560-5955


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