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Jesus Christ Prayer House

#107, Earikkarai Road,, Virugambakkam, • Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 092 • India • 91-9840362885/see/charmin/CM09469

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Dear Brother/sister in the name of our Jesus Christ,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR - 2007 Our prayer request for you is to pray for our Pastor. A. Siluvai Sundar singh, who is pastors our church named Jesus Christ Prayer House, which is located in Chennai, the key city of South India. The Pastor led more than 1000 Hindu worshipping people unto Christ. He is also heading 5 churches in different parts of south India. He had repented from his witchcraft and sorcery businesses. God had touched him and healed him and right now God uses him mightily for His ministry. If you want to read his testimony, we will send it to you against your request. Because of his powerful testimony many Hindu people are repenting unto Christ. By seeing this the RSS party and Barathiya Janatha Party (Ex-ruling party of India) have filed cases in court against him and his ministries. Every month he has to stand in front of judges and advocates. There needs to be lot of money to be paid in the court also. He is kept under lot of troubles and problems. Since the Christianity is minority, we are looking only at God's love to help our ministries and us. I have attached below the testimony, which he has preached in a Christian convention meeting. Kindly circulate this prayer request to all and make them pray for India and the ministries and ministers in India. With love and prayers, in the body of the ministry of Christ, Bro. S. Thomson. S/O Pr. Siluvai Sundar singh. For Contact. Jesus Christ Prayer House #107, Earikkarai Road, Virugambakkam, Chennai - 600 092. South India. Siluvai Sundar Singh - Mobile: 91-9841479850 Thomson- Mobile: 91-98403 62885 Note: If God speaks to you to help this ministry or to visit this ministry kindly write to us immediately. God shall bless you abundantly.

Testimoney of the Pastor

Praise the Lord

My Hindu name was Ramsingh. I had two big tamarind trees in both the sides of my pooja (worshipping) room. In the tamarind trees, I had tied many bottles filled with dead human spirits, conches, lemons, burnt body ashes; semi burnt human bones from grave yards to use them when they are necessary. I who got myself well trained from my childhood in magic, sorcery and astrology was on demand not only for astrology, but mainly for sorcery to use the spirits to cause spells and harm and also make charm bands for my clients. I had 108 spirits under my control and used them for my performances. Whatever that I ask them to do they will do, or else I will blame them and reproach them like anything. I do many witches either from my pooja room or at midnight from grave yards. If someone does any sorcery against me, I counter attack and win those responsible through my higher power sorcery. I had defeated many magicians in spiritual warfare. When people come to me with problems, I used to comfort them, console them and try to keep them relaxed by showing my power in witchcrafts to make them rely on my skills. I used to fix rates for each undertake of problems. I fix the rate after looking at their standard of living, lordships of properties and holdings of money. If they are rich and capable of giving money I would fix higher amount than usual. I would suck at the level most from them. Before I start pooja for a family, I would prepare a list of offerings that the client has to give me and pooja materials for pooja performances. I meet all my family needs out of those offerings. If we don't have coconut at my home, I would make them put 5 coconuts, if we don't have rice at home to cook, I would ask them to put 5 kilos of rice, if we don't have lemon at home to make pickles, I would ask them to put 101 lemons. If I feel like eating chicken, I would make them put a hen and would informed my wife beforehand that hen was going to come so that she could prepare side dishes for them quickly. I didn't like just eating chicken so I would make them put 1 bottle Brandi / wine also. This was how my everyday essentials were met. Apart from these, if I didn't have pocket money I would send any of my controlled spirits to make any of my customers to come to meet me. That spirit will go to him and distress him. He will think that somebody, one of his enemies has sent the spirit to torture him. Immediately he will come fast to me to resolve the problem. Then I will make his money to come to me from his pocket. Once I had a great enemy who himself was a witchcraft. He became my enemy over my business. When I was attacking a family who worked against one of my clients, he came across my activity. He was their family witch doctor. He came to me in his spirit and told me to terminate the work. I had promised my client that I would save them from the problem. I don't want my clients to suffer when I am there. I replied him to not to torment them and if he is stopping the sorcery, I would also stop my sorcery. But he was not in the same mind to go smoothly. So, I challengingly took the case and fought against the opponent family and that family's witch doctor. That small problem puffed up into a fight among witchcrafts. I had many prior experiences in such witch/spiritual warfare. I did 14 days' zonal pooja. In that pooja the opponent or the ally will die in the 48th day. As the 48th day was in the near future and when he was going to die, he allied two more witches along him because of his fear for death. One was from Kerala state and the other was from Kanniyakumari district. I could see them through my spirit as I was seeing them in face to face. They together were doing pooja against me from a grave yard. It was the 48th day night. I was also doing pooja from another popular grave yard in Chennai. I conquered the battle. The other two witchcrafts ran away from the grave yard with horror. Then my client was set free. My repentance: I used to go to many houses on invitation to perform poojas to cause evil to others and also for divination and sooth saying. Once I was called to do pooja and to say sooth sayings in a Christian home. The friend's name was Charles. I used to be very happy to go to other religious people. I used to enjoy working with "Jinn" a Muslim spirit, with which I have worked. Whenever I call that, it will come very fast from oceans and shores. "Anthony" a Christian spirit with which I have worked many times. It would come in brown tunic. It is the one who consoled me when I lost my third daughter to death. That time I had one eldest son, and two daughters. That Anthony came to me and was giving three insects and told me to take them. Then he told me to not to be worry because I will have three children in my life. Then immediately after that another girl has born to us. It told me the date and time also of the birth of my fourth child. That Charles described me all about his family problems. I fixed a date to go to his house to do pooja and to use divination and sooth saying. When the date came, I went to his house. All the offerings were kept in front of me. All the family members sat around me. I started my pooja. Usually, before I spell magic words and verses and to start my pooja, to show off my super powers to the family members I used to do some small magic. So I took an egg. Dot a black dye over the egg. Spelt some magic words then I cried loudly and strongly said "OOHH HHAAA" (he cried loudly in the stage. It Echoes). Then the dye will suddenly make a hole in the dotted place and the egg yolk and liquid inside will rush up and will disappear in the air in few seconds. In some places I would some other magic alike this. At the end of my pooja I will have to give magical metal dollars. That time if I see any young man with strong physical appearance who is quite show off, I will not give that dollar into his hand. I will make that to stick in a wall and will ask him to take it by himself. I will wait and see what he is doing. Everybody will also be looking at him. He will try and try over and again to remove it from the wall and will get tired. After that I will go, take it off the wall easily in a finger and will give to him. They will be taken aback to see that. Then that young man will also believe me and my powers. The time came for me to tell about their futures. I was entrancing my famous sooth saying spirit. It is one of a popular spirit which is been worshipped by pagans. I don't want to mention its name. But it was not coming. I was wondered why it was not coming. I confused thinking as if some buffalo went across when I started at my house, which appeared when I woke up from my bed, etc. Than I started being in yoga to see that where that pagan God is. I found him standing in the doorsteps of the house. I asked why you are not entering in. What happened to you? He said that he was not able to come in because somebody who is greater than him is in. I asked who is that greater. Is he much greater than all my 108 spirits? I said I will take care of him. You don't fear to enter in. It is time to do tell about their future. If I don't do it now then they will never believe in my power. He was strong in telling me to halt the pooja and to come out of the house. I asked repeatedly why? Finally he said that some powerful light is there inside the home. Again I went into yoga and found that a sage-like calm and sweet appearing man standing there inside that home and an old woman praying unto him in the inner room. I told Charles to make that woman to stop praying. She was his mother. Then I comforted my sooth saying God by saying that that man is calm and a sweet appearing man and he will never disturb our witches, why are you worrying for him? I will bind him with my enchantments. I started binding him as I used to do to any other spirits which come across my activities. I used all my magic words and verses but everything went futile. I could not bind him by anyway. But that man was simply standing and smiling at me. He was amidst great powerful light. I became very tired and was astonished at his gentle look and sweet smiles. I could not tie him even at the extreme end of my poojas and magic verses. Finally I came to know that he was Jesus, because that family was a Christian family. Then how could I bind Him. I couldn't bind Him at all. How could I bind Him when He is the God who looses the bounds of His People (Ps.116:16)? After some six months of these incidents happened, I fell sick. I was bed ridden. I didn't know what sickness I had. I called all the 108 spirits who were under my control. I asked them the reasons for my sickness. They all said that there is no reason but I was having bad time and season. I thought if somebody is being my adversary, I could do some thing bad against them and could escape myself from that dilemma. Here, in this case, it is not somebody or some spirit, but my own time and season. I was blaming all my Gods and Goddesses that I worshipped all through my life till that moment. All the 108 spirits consoled me by saying that I will die within 7 days and will become a "Muneeshwar" God. If any gurus or swamis die, they will become this "Muneeshwar" swami. If any young people die, they will become "Mohini" God or Goddesses after their death. If any women die during pregnancy, she will become "Kaatteari" Goddesses. These are the facts behind these swamis. No pagans know these facts behind these figures. And they, poor fellows are worshiping them as Gods and Goddesses. Since I was a guru, they said I will become "Muneeshwar" swami after my death. They also said that I can take care of my wife and children by being that God in spirit after my death. But the fear of death preoccupied me.

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