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Hands of Hope Orphans Project

P O Box 34964, • Lusaka, Lusaka Province 10101 • Zambia • 260-97-517793/see/charmin/CM09463

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Dear Saints in Christ

Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus, We are Blessed Christ Ministries of Lusaka,Zambia.Having witnessed the swell in the population of orphans and vulnerable children(OVCs) roaming the streets of Lusaka-the capital,we felt compelled as a church to do something in order to mitigate this impact caused largely by the AIDS pandemic.Zambia is caught Between Two Grippling Forces: 1.Poverty *With a population of 10 million,80% live on less than $1.00 a day. *Almost half of Zambian,s children are so malnourished their growth has been stunted. *34% of primary aged BOYS and 52% primary GIRLS are NOT in School. *75% of young people will never get beyond the seventh grade. 2.HIV/AIDS *One in five Zambians is infected with HIV and will likely die. *The majority of those who die are the parents of dependent children. *Average life expectancy has dropped to just 33 years. *Over 1.2 Million children are orphans,that is 23 % of all of Zambian,s children,which makes Zambia the nation with the highest number of orphans as a percent of the population. That is why we resolved that we shuold build an orphange called Hands of Hope to accomodate at least 100 boys and girls in Lusaka with the help of other international benefactors of the christian faith.As a church of about 90 members we do not have the capacity to kickstart such a project-thus this effort to solicit for cooperation and support from you. Nevertheless we have been working towards alleviating the suffering of a few of OVCs.For instance we have several kids whom we have placed in some homes of christians whom we provide with minimal support. A comprehensive project plan has been laid down already to substantiate this cause.Blessed Christ Ministries hopes that you will come on board to assist us in this noble cause as emmisaries of Jesus. Thus we thank you in advance and may God guide your response. Yours Sincerely, Pastor Kelvin Shinga Hands Of Hope Orphanage Project _______________________

Hands of Hope Orphans Project

Dear Saints in Christ, Greetings! I am writing to introduce Hands of Hope Orphans Project,which is an initiative and facility of Blessed Christ Ministries of Lusaka,Zambia.The Project aims to fulfil,in a systematic and sustainable manner,the provision of organised support and care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVCs)in order to reduce their physical numbers on the streets,reintergrate them into society,reinstate them into normal childhood growth and help to illuminate the hope for a future in them. With all the epidemics of our current Zambia of,many children are left without families or hope,but through Hands of Hope we can give the love and care they need. On one of my recent working with a group of children and near the end of the day,as I began to leave,all the children gathered around to say goodbye.I learned that these boys and girls,from age,s 3 years old and up,were from the streets and garbage dumps.Some had been just wandering around not sure of where to go or how to survive. Why were these things on the minds of young children?These are questions I have found in some parts of Zambia with those that have lost loved ones or have been separated from family members.But these little ones have not been put out because it was their choice or that they wanted their freedom.This was a decision forced on them because of their surroundings. For some of them cholera had made that decision or AIDS had determined that they must now make a way for themselves.They were not asked or were given a choice.In that same group of children one little girl looked up into my eyes and spoke to me in a whisper with her native tongue.I asked the interpreter what she had said and she repeated words I would never forget,"She is asking if you would be like her father."With tears in all my eyes,I jumped at the chance to become involved.What a wonderful opportunity! Today as I walk arround the streets of Lusaka,I see many faces asking the same question,"Who will be a father or Mother to me?Today,more than ever,Zambian children need champions,people who will not only speak up for them,but also take bold action to alleviate their suffering and give them hope.Children are our future.The love and care we provide for them today will determine the kind of nation we have tomorrow. Will you help us to reach out to those that are suffering from lack of food and resources and bring hope to children across Lusaka,Zambia?For this reason Hands of Hope Orphans Project is mobilised and ready to bring a solution with great impact.We want to continue to reach into areas of Zambia where the needs are the greatest. Hands of Hope Orphans Project is already planning for Community Based Family Homes and will work in uniting extended family members in communities to care for and help these lost and abandoned children.Thus giving them new hope and quality care in rebuilding their future.Hands of Hope Orphans Project is here to invite you to become one of the family.At present we are working on home projects in Lusaka,Zambia.In joining Hands of Hope Orphans Project you are helping to build and an extended part of your family.You are rescuing children and making it possible for them to be cared for and building their future together. Will you become a Hands of Hope Orphans Project family member?One that cares for the needs of others?One that takes action for those reaching out?One that is part of a family that is growing every day as we embrace the lost and needy children that are wondering what will become of me? Will you help Hands of Hope Orphans Project respond to the question,"Will you be like a father or mother to me?"Please respond to the call today. Thank you for your participation in these life-giving projects. Touching lives,Together Kelvin Shinga Director Kelvin Shinga ___________

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