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Christian Journalists Tanzania Chapter

Pobox 15227, Dar es Salaam-Tanzania, • Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam • Tanzania • Mobile: +255 754 498972/see/charmin/CM09446

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Christian Journalists Tanzania Chapter

We see that there is a need for the World to be free and fair. But in order to have this kind of World, we Christians must work strongly to make sure people know Gospel, as Bible reveals that 'knowing God is the source of knowledge'. We offer bibles studies, general living counseling, marriage and family courses, by distance.

'Knowing God is the source of Knowledge'.

One of the important agenda is to educate christian journalists so that they get highest posts, this will enable them to teach the World effectively and accordingly. We are providing short courses, seminars, small groups prayings etc . For the time being we are seeking for Bible teaching materials such as CDs, VDCs, Bibles, and any kind of books, booklets etc to help us promote gospel. Also we are seeking for contributors of artciles to our new monthly magazine to be known as Bravo. Please send any kind of aid, money, bibles, teaching materials etc, by post or FEdex, DHL, Western union money transfer or any kind of ways to feel is comfortable to National Coordinator (Mr. Dismas Lyassa) Christian Journalists Tanzania Chapter, Pobox 15227 Dar es Salaam-Tanzania. Also we invite people from different countries to visit us here in Tanzania, to share experience and views. If you are willing to come, we can provide to you invitation letter and start visa process. Also for those who want to know Swahili language, we have a special program to train people by distance or online courses.

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