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Here are the informations about our minsitry: King James Ministries International is missionary gospel ministry of the Holy Spirit that seeks to reach every man with the gospel of Christ, We are interdenominational. All we do is to the glory of Christ alone and expansion of His kingdom in Africa. We are committed to reaching the Un-detached people group in the rural communities of Africa. These are our mission strategies: -Annual medical outreach for the Orphans, homeless,sick, and the less privileged, Hiv/Aids and Malaria Fever victims. -Setting up private Christian school and vocational center for the jobless and unemployed.-Drilling wells for fresh water supply for rural communities' -Providing Christian library service, proper Christian education and planting bible believing churches .Reaching the unreached through missionary works,visitations, and crusades. Our focus is on soul winning, missions and church growth with a specialemphasis on healing and miracles, through salvation message. We conduct international programs for international ministers, missions, missionaries, Church planters and outreach in West Africa. We supports international team or partner to make sure that they are safe and their mission is totally accomplished. We organizing international crusades also for minister who wants to make impact in Africa and have a mission in Africa. Also we help foreing missionaries to be located in the right place of their mission field,and gives them guide and assistance they needed to fulfilled their missions.

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